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  1. Lol. He's had a poor season by his standards, but his move to CB a few months ago has seen him come good again. Plus he's a better goalscorer than Torres.
  2. Luiz is trash, Mereiles shouldn't have started, and Mata was wasted out wide again.
  3. Pretty good news but I don't get these signings. Let's be real AVB wont be here for 5+ years if we finish 4th every year he's in charge. AVB needs an AM like Hamsik or to sign some wingers and put Mata in the middle.
  4. 4th place, lack of cohesion, and terrible football for the amount they are getting paid.
  5. The Napoli board hate the English. We would have to pay over 50m to get Cavani.
  6. I remember over the summer people on this forum were creaming themselves over the prospect of Lukaku. Obviously he is still young, and I hope he proves me wrong, but I said it before and I'll say it again, he wont be at Chelsea in 3-4 years imo.
  7. They have all been so shit. I'd have to say Mata though.
  8. Cech Boss - Alex - Iva - Cole Mikel Lampard - Essien Modric Sturridge - Torres Bench: Ramires, Kalou, Drogba, Terry,Luiz, Mceachran, Turnbull
  9. he's not even good enough to make the Belgium national squad. How often have you seen him play?
  10. Best for him to stay in Belgium for two more years if he doesn't want his career to take a nosedive.
  11. If he comes he is just another foreign mercenaries whos interests are individualistic and not for the benefit of Chelsea. He is also a playacting diving cunt, because of that if we sign him I can see him moaning about a move to Spain or Italy after three years.
  12. I have come to accept that Chelsea is very much Abramovich's team, nothing else. If we are going to be a billionaires golden child we might as well do it right. Spend your money Roman, bring us the worlds best. As long as your not going to let youth foster into starters, give us the best. Ever since the big 5 of the early 90's pushed for better tv deals (for themselves of course [Chelsea not being one of the 5]), football was set on this course. You may have been the first billionaire, setting the trend for others, but it is in no way Chelsea 'fault' that football has become this way.
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