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  1. What a end of the season we were going for and it’s all in the binners. Why should I care whrre we finish if we’re not gonna compete in the CL anyway?
  2. Unless Tuchel was told by the medical staff that Silva won't make it for Tuesday, I don't see why AC was not playing in the centre of the back 3. Probably was saved.
  3. Is a scoring draw enough to secure first place because of the away goals? EDIT: No, forgot there’s another game too lol, sorry.
  4. I agree but one correction - we can't play with Pool and City in the RO16 anyway.
  5. His obsession with wanting Mount to be the next Frank Lampard will be his biggest downfall. I'm not even talking about the penalty. The kid is being runned to the ground where there's absolutely no need to play every 90 minutes in this hectic schedule. Everybody has their favorites but the boy is far away from a world-class footballer to be given this treatment.
  6. Haven’t seen a pre-season thread but does anyone know when it starts? The league starts in a month, so I guess players will go on holiday for no more than two weeks, right? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. So, apparently Lewandowski got injured last night all miss the return leg. Good thing we didn't lose by a lot of goals.. oh, wait.
  8. Not sure if Jose is a former shell of himself or Ole has some black magic involved when we play them but to beat Jose 3 times and lose the same amount against Ole is so weird. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. I just think Lampard need to start play it a lot more safe than usual. This expansive football is not doing us any favor. 6 months into the season and you can see we don't have the personnel to play the football he wants. He showed us he can do it in the game against Spurs, so I know he has it in his locker.
  10. Poor form aside, what are we actually doing in training? And I do not mean tactically. Are Frank and the staff overworking the players, cause we had so many training injuries. There was a time when we had the least amount of injuries couple of seasons in row, but now it seems there’s a new injured player every week and most of them are not during games. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  11. Well, considering he just signed with Leizpig I highly doubt it.
  12. This is either BS or our board is that tense. Cavani's a free agent in June. Why would PSG accept a loan? lmao
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