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  1. Do you guys have any experience with websites like PatrickJMT and Khan Academy? They do a good line in maths education, I've been told, and I want to start learning from scratch. http://patrickjmt.com/#arithmetic
  2. Thank you. Please don't assume there's nothing to explain! I'm a total novice at maths I guess my questions are not purely mathematical, they're sort of philosophical, more concerned with understanding how it is that maths forms the universe, rather than understanding how maths itself works. How can this one formula be transformed algebraically into every possible structure in the universe?
  3. Great, I was hoping somebody could explain it to me. Now you have to do it, Mr High School
  4. 'Get a brain Morans' guy is also a Cardinals fan
  5. Love your avatar. You know I met this Chinese guy last week called Mao? I buy weed off him.
  6. The thing with Americans and gun ownership is that they are delusional enough to think that the citizen's right to own an M16 is enough to scare their government into not disrespecting the wishes of their citizens. They are delusional enough to think that if the occasion calls for it, their right to own guns will be enough to overthrow the government. NO IT WON'T. They have predator drones. They have all kinds of shit. They will mass destruct yo punk ass no matter how many crates of assault rifles you've got. Like it or not the US Government has already effectively disarmed its citizens, becau
  7. What about the Boston Marathon? I once said about that, "If runner have gun, then this cannot happen", a statement not altogether different from yours, which similarly boils down to "If student have gun..". But is it practical for runners to carry guns? Wouldn't it slow them down?
  8. I don't get along well with my brother-in-law. He treats me like a child. And he's too similar personality wise to my dad. I guess my sister is a proof for the Freudian idea that men are attracted to women who are similar in personality to their mum, and women are attracted to men who are similar to their dad in personality. I couldn't imagine getting with someone like my mum, she's so boring, narrow minded and conservative. It's hard to even hold a conversation with her for a REVOLUTIONARY FREE THINKER such as myself. I've been watching a little bit of the Rugby Union World Cup. What a fuckin
  9. I don't know where to begin. My sister isn't the villainous evil person she used to be, getting married and having a kid helped her grow the fuck up. She's going to visit in December. That's the easiest thing to explain lol
  10. Likewise. I lost my log in details for Oaty Sea and despite the best efforts of Muchacho I can't get that password reset, so I've been on the outer for a long time. I started using Google Chrome again the other day and EBH's details are auto-saved into this browser, otherwise I wouldn't be able to come on here either. Lol no, I still have probably 18 months, at full load, before I finish Bachelors. Then I want to do honours, then Masters, and if I'm good enough, a doctorate. So I'll be at uni probably for the next decade at least.
  11. I read the other day that there have been, to date, 46 school shootings in the US this year. "If student have gun, then this cannot happen"
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