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  1. How much did we get for him? Probably about 5m?
  2. Wilson


    Ramires needs to stop this diving shit! Pissing me off, he's a great player and doesn't need to do it.
  3. Mourinho is an idiot for not playing Mata more often. Maybe he should try both Oscar and Mata in behind Torres. He'd also be an idiot to let Mata go.
  4. Frank is now 6 goals away from being level with Thierry Henry on being the third highest goal scorer in the Premier League! Can't wait till he surpasses Henry and breaks more records!
  5. Cech. Absolutely gutted for the lads but really poor pen from Lukaku. Felt sorry for him but annoyed at the same time. I hate the stutter penalty it's cocky and it didn't pay off. I actually cried when we lost in pens, so angry that Martinez got that goal! We defended so well.
  6. I saw the lad play vs Man City last night, he looked pretty decent! Think he could get into the first XI in a year or two? I think he has a chance but I think he should go on loan in the Premiership and see how he does.
  7. Not active here a lot (nor in any other forums) but always knew Lampard would make history! Hence why I created this and he's broke the record. He was unlucky last night, could have scored 2! I'm delighted we won and very proud of the lads, Torres stepped up! KEEP THE BLUE FLAG FLYING HIGH!
  8. I think he will have it done by mid April assuming he gets playing time.
  9. I think we should sign another centre back and keep Luiz in midfield with Lampard. A couple that pop to mind for me; Kaboul: He's fast, strong and would come cheap. I think he would be good in a better squad such as Chelsea. I can understand people might not think he's that good but look at who he plays with at the back. Hummels: A bit pricey perhaps but the guy is just a beast! World class defender.
  10. Just pray for 3 points. Wish Marin was fit
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