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  1. Great Player this ... Can understand now, why 80% of our Forum Professionals begged God the Almighty and our Board to sign him ... Well done.
  2. Aha ... And who would that be?
  3. Was never going to be an easy game. A draw is a draw. It's better than losing ... We will only get better as the Season progresses.
  4. Fluctuating 2nd Half .. But it is, what it is and a win is a win.
  5. Don't worry folks, it's over ... They won't score ...
  6. Are you pretending to be, ore are you naturally stupe?
  7. HT ... a rainy show .. but so far so good. We are leading, although we could have been behind after a stupid Ball Loss by Kante ... Now lets build on it, and seal the Deal with a 2:0 in the 2nd HT.
  8. Who needs Legs, if you can jump and head like Morata!
  9. Of course he was. He nonchalantly walked us to the Title, putting Opponents Midfields into submission almost causally ... While Kante played the Workhorse and got rewarded fore it deservingly. OneMoSalah is right .. The Subtext of Conte's Statements when we sold Matic was, that he did not even want him to be sold ... Hence Matic pushed for the Transfer more than anyone else. I begrudge him fore that. And now we have a Squad Situation with a Replacement that was not even meant to be a Replacement ITFP.
  10. I did ... We don't have it here ... Are you also from London?
  11. You are right ... This is some really strong Accent ... The only Thing I was able to understand was "Newcastle United" at 00:35 ... And the Word "rubbish" somewhere along the Way ...
  12. Haha .. brilliant indeed. I believe we both mean the same, but just write it differently ... The Cockney speaking Teacher would say Danny Drinkwa'a ... Ore Sco'ish (for Example) ... Wouldn't he? Because he kinda swallows the "T" ... BTW ... now that we are at it ... Can you tell me what Accent this is? Because I have no Words fore how great it sounds to me .. Even greater than Statham speaking Cockney ...
  13. Really? But you don't pronounce ore vocalize the letter t ... Do you?
  14. Oooh Danny ... Oooh Danny ... You're worth every Penny ... Your Wife's Name ain't Jenny ... Oooh Danny ... You're worth every Penny ... because your Skills are uncanny ... Ooooh Danny ... Don't begrudge me Folks ... It's my first try ever to rhyme a Fansong fore one of our Boys ... BTW ... Would someone speaking Cockney call him Danny Drinkwa'a?
  15. Bakayoko is not even the D of the Dribbler that Matic is. Matic is a fleet-footed Marshall of the Game while Bakayoko is a stomping Labourer. Both Players have their Qualities. Matic is gone and not even worth mentioning. Bakayoko is here. A good signing so far and I hope Conte solves the Linup Puzzle before the Season turns into that delicate Phase where every single Point counts.
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