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  1. Happy to see him leave! Better for the club and him. But the amout of classless wankers on this forum is just sad. I bet all of you posting crappy gifs and other shit did the same out of happyness when he joined us!
  2. If we sell ryan to them IF he has a good season we should try and get young matt in the deal. 5mil £ and matt would be a good deal!
  3. I would rather keep him and loan salah!
  4. Lets get targett in exchange and 7-8mil £ after his loan! Young english fullback who can replace luis in 3 years time!
  5. Give him lampards number 8 and a squad role this season!
  6. I wasnt really covinced signing him was the best idea. But after some research and watching his interview i have to say he has made me like him already. Great guy good stats and perfect pro! Just what we need. Hope we get a young english fullback to replace him!
  7. I read somewhere he took the number 5 as tribute to somebody! I will check and give u guys the name!
  8. Just call him jose that always works! He is the player that every top team wants atm. His agent does not 100% rule out a transfer and this year our chances would be the best. I am usually always expecting our board to not overpay and buy english talent but he is just too good. He will only get better hope we sign him liked him as a player since I watched him play for man utd u21 against chelsea!
  9. I have a feeling arsenal will get him hope they dont! Ballague has said that too so there is still hope he will not join them! Haha
  10. One of the players I wanted most here with barkley/stones but the price is just out of this world! Utd ruining english talent with that amount of money 34£mil and 100k per week is crazy!
  11. Buying him because he is homegrown is a joke we have the best youngsters in the PL use them they count as homegrown!
  12. He had one good season and has attitude problems no thanks! I dont rate mikel but would rather keep him than getting song.
  13. Very reliable is an overstatement I would say.. Best from the italian twitter bullshit jurnos!
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