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  1. @, Irn-Bru is a Class A drug manufactured and sold in Scotland. In consists primarily of sugar, artificial flavouring, sugar, more artificial flavouring, sugar, a pinch of artificial flavouring, and sugar. It was designed by health experts in 1901 to get Scotsmen off their arses to do anything except drink. A study released by John Perkins in 1992 determined that Irn-Bru is the leading cause of obesity in Scotland, greater even than influence from the far west or lack of physical activity. Perkins' study noted that since the introduction of Irn-Bru in 1901, obesity rates in Scotland have ri
  2. Thierry Henry at his peak, for example. Any number of big West African strikers/midfielders. Essien during his best days wasn't that much slower than Ronaldo, significantly stronger and possessed far better stamina as well.
  3. It was a manic decision to strip him of the captaincy when it was clear after the first time he was stripped that Terry is by far the best leader in England. Gerrard and Ferdinand were pretty shit as captains. Their personal form suffered, as well.
  4. What are you talking about? There are many players faster, stronger, harder working, better aerially (all in one package, as well) players than Ronaldo.
  5. Easy A. It's awful, but Emma Stone is quite hot.
  6. Just ban him or let him go already. Why waste time?
  7. All of our pre-game chat in the media was emphasising that Jordan were vastly different to other West Asian teams and that was what made them such a threat. We can't deal with long balls in the heat when we've spent all our time in Asia chasing after mini-Spain's.
  8. Lol you can say what you like it doesn't change the fact that today's elite professionals are all physique and no technique. Just look at what the Jabulani did to them. Do you have the mental capacity to recognise that its far easier to win a European title than a World Cup? I doubt it.
  9. My Dell struggles even if I play FM on it. The fan is pretty ordinary, the computer gets so hot even if I run too many applications at the same time! For gaming purposes I usually use my desktop. It's hardly a gaming PC but I'm not afraid of its fan exploding if I work it hard
  10. Haha, he's not a footballer. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Muttiah_Muralitharan
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