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  1. I think Hazard will start. There's no reason why he wouldn't? 20min against Leicester, 60min tonight. Surely he's ready for Arsenal, one of the most important games of the season that tears he up!
  2. Agreed..how they are in UEFA is beyond me! Go for swim in the Caspian sea before a quiet stroll to China
  3. Any chance we'll see him start on the weekend?
  4. Our success is built on the rotating manager door strategy. The legacy thing would be nice, but if he goes I'm not bothered
  5. Lol that's right..Remy is still here
  6. Ahh didn't see that, sorry! Yeah then true
  7. He's injured..wtf, of course he'd fail
  8. Adrien Silva has arrived at Leicester's training ground for his medical, ahead of poss £15m move...but only if #Chelsea meet valuation for Drinkwater. (Sky Sports)
  9. Can see him just ripping off all the heart meter shit, just grabbing his clothes, running out of Cobham to his car in his undies while dropping his socks on the way
  10. These players are like teenage boys or girls..once the hottie (us) they have wanted to be with is interested, it boosts their ego and all of a sudden they don't want them
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