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  1. Among the players linked with so far, we should be very careful on who we decide to pick compared to the kind of players we have already. We need a certain upgrade on every dimension not just signing players for the sake of it. Dembele is quite good but Can he stay injury free and consistent for most part of the season? Does he posses enough workrate or he only waits for the ball to get to him? Richardilson to me has high workrate but he ain't better than our current wingers bcos his final ball is not really an upgrade over our current wingers. Sterling to me is the best op
  2. I totally agree with this suggestions but I doubt West Ham will allow Rice to go this summer. They feel getting or buying better players with him in the side can even lead them to win a silverware and/or maybe break into the champions league places next season. It is not abt price, they don't want to let Rice atleast let's say for now.
  3. Hmm more fans and money from America then for the club. Timo and Pulisic to stay put.
  4. Atleast 4 quality signings is fine by me and that includes 2 cb, 1 striker, 1 creative winger.
  5. I would be absolutely fine with atleast this group as our CBs for the season.
  6. If it comes to that, I did recommend Ziyech due to age. Others still have a chance to improve massively. Let's assume Werner, Pulisic and CHO takes 90% of the chances they get, their stats will suddenly look unreal. That is just the thin line btw these guys and the likes of Salah, Mane etc. Determination to finish chances and good precision in front of goal. The more u score the more confidence and composure u develop.
  7. All I see is that this guy create chances but misses them. He also gets into scoring positions but misses the chances that comes. If I am his coach, I wouldn't think of selling such a player but instead correct that small error. Mount was doing same earlier part of the season but improved massively. This guy's potential is really huge. Just the right twerk is needed. I prefer to work on a player who create chances, steps into goal scoring positions but misses goals than someone whose game play hardly gets him into regular goal scoring positions.
  8. You expect us to buy a player with the same or better ability than Kepa who would be happy to warm the bench for 95% of the matches all season? I see no need throwing money away in some position which shouldn't be a priority for us. Kepa played few matches this season and he has not done badly.
  9. I would recommend Chelsea fc gets Osimen from Napoli. He is strong, fast, skillful, rugged, potent in front of goal, high workrate, consistent and very good in the air. We shouldn't wait until he scores 30gls and 25assists before we go for him.
  10. People have said worse abt 38yr old Thiago Silva at different times especially during his Lampard's last season. Kante will overcome this phase of injury problems. He still have an atleast efficient 3yrs in him. Especially with Gallagher coming into the squad next season we won't always be in a desperate position to risk his fitness. Kante will be BacK.
  11. Hmm interesting. Any possibility of us getting him? I remember he left PSG when Tuchel got there. The guy is young and good but would cost alot of money as well.
  12. I keep on saying that this guy will turn into a world class player very soon, that is if he has not turned to one yet. He is already improving his final ball decisions and precision when it comes to finishing. Consistency will perfect it. Already his workrate is massive.
  13. Yea I really like the way he plays. A free scoring creative midfielder. How many assist has he got so far this season?
  14. We need a lot of over-hauling to do with a new owner coming in. Alonso, Azpi, Christenson(likely moving), Rudiger(already gone), Lukaku, Barkley, Bats, Emerson etc, should all go. And let the new owner set up a new strong team of players. A very forward playing creative midfielder is needed. Also let's stop buying strikers just bcos they finish up loads of chances in other clubs, but buy creative strikers with very high workrate. That is the only kind of strikers that has fit into Chelsea fc throughout the Abramovich era....
  15. I very much understand your point. Some players have a very thin line from being a little above average to becoming world class and for me mount is in that discussion. All Mount needs to do is work on his end product in a consistent manner. Right now I think his only major weakness is poor decision making which makes him slightly poor in finishing(most times he tends to rush his shots which lacks composure and precision).
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