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  1. Agreed! Kepa all-time worse CFC signing by a mile... Torres was already sort of injured and we took a chance that didn't really work out.
  2. soooo many awful takes on mount in the last few pages lol. "Mason Mount has scored 12 and assisted 8 goals in the Premier League for #Chelsea. He’s the second-youngest player to reach 20 goals and assists for the club in the Premier League after only Arjen Robben. [via @premierleague]" tweet (and mount played around half of those games in central midfield too) "Shot Creating Actions 1. Mount = 109 2. Werner = 59 3. Ziyech/Reece = 46 Excluding Corners & FK’s 1. Mount = 72 2. Werner = 59
  3. agree about rudiger tbh... I just feel their contributions have been been made to look better than they truly are because we have played teams that did not attack us, and that includes spurs who parked the bus and offered literally nothing going forward. The real tests will come in games v. teams that aren't afraid of going at us. If they continue playing well then, then fair enough and I will hold my hand up
  4. imo the only negative of tuchel's tenure so far is his love for jorgihno... to me he is a weak and slow player, his long balls are below average, he gets spun in midfield very often when teams attack us and he can't shoot, score or assist. The stat someone posted above that he has been motm 3 times in 4 games is pure fiction, he was dreadful a couple of times and him taking the pens covered up those poor performances in the player ratings... I can easily see him being exposed by a team with quality going forward that actually wants to attack... that has not been the case for any of the 4
  5. still a regular starter and the best performer even under tuchel, give me those delicious tears haters
  6. would love something like this but it seems tuchel loves the jovacic midfield
  7. lol never seen such nonsense... he is a world class prospect at the #8 role and anyone who says otherwise either has a personal agenda against mount or simply doesn’t understand football Was motm yesterday yet again in his actual position as #8 Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. [emoji30][emoji30][emoji30] I should’ve checked if he actually said it before getting excited... Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. fair enough, personally I'm interested in both our future plans and how we play and develop as a team now but to each his own. To me, Haland would be our best signing in the history of the club if we were to complete it so naturally this possibility excites me but I understand that not everyone shares these feelings
  10. the club is already thinking about next summer for sure, we apparently started thinking about/discussing with havertz more than a year before signing him, don't see the harm in discussing rumors from trustworthy sources, even if they relate all the way to next summer, especially in the "chelsea tranfer pub" forum... as to romano, you mentioned the rumors being based on a haland quote and I corrected you and brought up that the trustworthy romano has talked about it. You may not care what he says but he is usually spot on and doesn't often peddle BS stories like some others do so when he s
  11. The players we've signed all said he was a huge factor, if Haland already admires lamps, I don't see how it wouldn't be a factor but agree to disagree I guess. I am however very happy that roman seems to be much more ambitious than you are when it comes to going for top generational talents lol
  12. maybe, maybe not... but now what we do have to attract more young top talent is a core of top quality top talent already at the club. IMO this will make chelsea a very appealing proposition next summer, if we perform this year as our talent is capable of.. Matt Law already stated that we will be going big next summer again so who knows, maybe the same/similar situation could even happen again, one where we are willing to spend big but some others aren't. Again don't necessarily think we will sign rice-gimenez-haland next summer but I could see us getting 2/3 (or some other top CB target o
  13. ummm because haland is a generational talent who has all the tools to become one of the greatest strikers of the modern era...? as good as tammy is, he is not in haland's class unfortunately As to playing fifa/football manager, you would have probably said that last April too if someone told you we were about to sign havertz, werner, chillwell, ziyech, silva, mendy etc and yet it still happened. Not to mention that Matt Law already explicitly said that for phase II of this chelsea revolution next summer will also go very big as we did this summer. Yes Lampard already sold his vision
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