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  1. We don't know what the transfer fee included was (AFAIK), so Lyon aren't going to blow £20m+ on a left back, especially considering the fact they failed to qualify for Europe.
  2. PSG or Inter are probably the only two realistic options. Atletico could be an outside shot with them getting rid of Suarez & are happy to spend big on a CF (just look at Morata).
  3. Their inability to beat those around them in the top four cost them (6 draws).
  4. He's someone I was a fan of and wanted him ahead of the much favoured Raphinha (around here). However, I've started to lean more on Danjuma, as we are in dire need of a goal scoring winger. If that wasn't the case, Leao is probably the most promising WF around.
  5. We would have been £100m~ better off and probably had another trophy to our name had he remained.
  6. I can imagine. That late throw-in that was wrongly awarded to Wolves actually had a bearing. Talk about fine margins. I'm always surprised how rules concerning such things are different at tournaments. Salah would have won it on those grounds. Either way, pleased to see Son at least share the spoils. He's been great!
  7. We have to take them when they come. Just a shame we've thrown away so many points late on in similar fashion (Burnley was the first of our downfall).
  8. One less Stoke-like side should be welcomed news for actual football fans
  9. We end the season with a win at least.
  10. More points dropped at home. It really is shameful
  11. City do what they couldn't last week. A sign of relief for those rooting on City
  12. Mahrez's missed PK is gonna decide the title race
  13. Mount's finish is woeful most of the time. He's generally regressed in that department.
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