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  1. Someone we need to part ways with; just doesn't have the application to succeed over here. He'd probably do an adequate job in Italy.
  2. He wasn't given the chance to prove otherwise, so we'll never know.
  3. Being played out of position more often than not isn't helping him. I think Tuchel either needs to play him in his preferred & most effective position or ship him off to Dortmund.
  4. I think that's the best we can ask for now. Just have to hope our streak continues.
  5. Havertz is effectively playing upfront by himself Edit - At least he can do the job.
  6. He's someone that came to mind. Funny thinking that, had they actually backed Moyes, he would have done better than the managers that followed him.
  7. Some questionable choices made by Tuchel. Hate seeing CHO being shoehorned in at RWB once again.
  8. Talk of Leeds wanting him, so hopefully, we can offload in January.
  9. Still wondering what Saul was brought in for. Seems like a waste of a spot tbh.
  10. Cobham lads doing the business. Probably the best we've played this season.
  11. I really hope he wasn't, as I thought those days were behind us.
  12. Mourinho suffering his worst defeat and our "C side" beating Tottenham. I guess it won't be a walk in the park for them after all, @NikkiCFC ?
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