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  1. Taylor has been dire all game. Awful decision
  2. Into the final! Could end up being a very special season.
  3. True. I had hoped that Werner would have played that role instead, but hey.
  4. Very surprised to see Pulisic left on the bench. I guess Tuchel is hoping Havertz and Werner continue where they left off.
  5. I wasn't sold on him when we signed him and still ain't. Our CF woes still need fixing.
  6. To say the score line flatters RM is a massive understatement. We'll get more chances, so hopefully we can bury them.
  7. Look at 1:45 - Anyone that actively watched him shouldn't be surprised.
  8. There isn't much difference. He's someone that needs a boatload of chances before scoring and that just won't suffice at the top.
  9. Not sure what to think. I guess Azpi will be defending most of the night.
  10. Both choices are so baffling. Giroud not even being in the squad is another one.
  11. Bottom of the league normally means last. Either way, it's been a shameful performance. How Alonso & Jorginho (till now) remained on the pitch for as long is baffling.
  12. Copa del Rey final to Atletico in ET.
  13. And look who gets on the scoresheet? [emoji1]
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