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  1. They are going to have to lose a notable player or two if they are seriously going to go for Kane as well. I see us landing a CB and midfielder but failing to address our major weakness.
  2. I'm surprised this many have been left out. I'd guess most of them are off.
  3. I guess a lot will hinge on the outcome with Grealish.
  4. I know the question wasn't directly aimed at me, but I can only see Villa laying that amount down, especially if Grealish goes or potentially Tottenham, but I don't see us ever doing business with them unless we gain someone in return.
  5. The thought of Arsenal managing to sign another competent striker in Martinez would be something.
  6. Nice to see CF's on the scoresheet
  7. If that's all we end up with after winning a major title again, I'll be very worried.
  8. LAM09

    Lewis Bate

    Should Leeds sell him, we'll receive a portion of the fee.
  9. We're an attractive option having just won the CL for starters. The clubs you mentioned will be in the CL next season & two of the three will probably be league winners. People have that train of thought based more so on the competition we'll have to face for his signature & pay packet that will be on the table. Not everything comes down to Haaland having his heart set on a specific club.
  10. It is, and they are showing it for free as well.
  11. Signing someone that will be 33 in a matter of weeks is the last thing we should be doing.
  12. If rumours are true, we could be the place they offload him to. Bayern messed themselves up making Sane their third highest paid player & expected others to be mute about it.
  13. Bayern could easily step in for a proven replacement for Lewandowski. It really is, this summer or bust.
  14. Just seems like a cop-out IMO. Hope Broja is the first to show them otherwise.
  15. If our youngsters just had a look at the players that have broken through in the last few years, they'd see there is an opportunity. If the latter does come to fruition for any of them, we'll still effectively be held to ransom.
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