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  1. here: http://www.thefirstrow.eu/watch/136201/3/watch-wigan-athletic-vs-chelsea.html
  2. In my opinion we need Hulk for his physical strength, like others said before. I hope we're not the next Barcelona (only in terms of small people in front, not the quality of players ofcourse). Mata, Hazard, Marin and Oscar are all very fast skillful but are pretty weak. We haven't got any phsyical strength in front. I'm afraid that it's a problem in the Premier League
  3. Eriksen is a great talent with many potential, but isn't ready yet for a club like Chelsea. He had a decent season with good stats (19 assists, 7 goals) but his playing was very poor. It's obvious that he's a great talent, but with Mceahran and Piazon there is no place for him. Also he would cost around 20 million euros, quite expensive imo. @Ryandavidson: Ajax haven't bought Maher yet. Ajax is interested in Maher, but he is also expensive (around 10 million). Maher is also a massive talent, maybe more than eriksen, but it's not sure if he's going to Ajax.
  4. Her name is Eva Carneiro, a nice chick
  5. With our squad it's a disgrace to get 15 points behind from United. And United also spoiled lots of points last year, but we were even worse
  6. Other link for highlights of Chelsea vs Kitchee: http://www.sport1.nl/nieuws/21527-chelsea-zwetend-langs-roze-muur-kitchee.html Unfortunately for most here it's spoken in Dutch
  7. I'm Dutch and I've seen Van der Wiel lots of times and he isn't good enough for Chelsea. He has a lot of attacking skills (pace etc.) but defensively he's very very poor. Against PSV he made some horrible mistakes against Dzudzsák. Actually this whole season was very bad of Van der Wiel, some fans of Ajax even said he isn't good enough for Ajax, so Chelsea is bridge too far, without doubt.
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