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  1. But the problem is that when we have the chance to sell we don't do it because we want to give another opportunity. I remember after 2012 CL triumph we could have sold Torres but we kept him to give him another opportunity.... This summer we could have easily gotten rid of Werner but we kept him to give him another opportunity.....
  2. Fifa bug. We tend to do bad after international break.
  3. But ain't he on loan from Fiorentina with obligation to buy in 2022?
  4. So what happen to the ban we was going to get for not letting players go to the qualifiers? Especially the ones from South America? And what is the reaction of the players? Any info?
  5. Don't know where to put this but I'm shock with the prices in the US when it comes to Houses and Cars. Cousin where he lives in New Jersey told me that a year ago the average prices where he lives for house was like 285. Now it's almost 100k up. 100k in one year? insane! And cars here in NYC, dealers are marking up the prices by 10k. Was looking at a Kia telluride and they are charging for an sx value at 48k msrp 58k. It's insane the prices here in the US with Housing and Cars. I think in partly because Covid has created a low of supply and Americans have money to
  6. I agree, it's ridiculous from us to keep him. Unless Tuchel plans on playing him, he would have done great in Dormund!
  7. The reason as to why they let go of Saul. Wages of Saul must be high. With Saul of the books for the season they could do this. Might not be it, but sounds reasonable as to the reason we got Saul.
  8. Good loan, not much to lose here. I do hope he does good and buy like Kova so as not to spend big on Rice and what not.
  9. I'm content with what we have, good job by the board. While Kound is nice, I'm not sold on the dwarf. A. Cole was small but he played as a LB. For a CB I don't know I have my reserves. Who knows he might turn out the best thing since slice bread, but we can try next transfer window for him.
  10. Because we don't need him. I wanted him gone last season but because of Lampard we kept him. Good job board!
  11. Alonso tends to do at the beginning in pre season mode. Once teams get to speed in October-November time frame he is no longer good. Not bad for squad player
  12. Keep it up, and next season he will be starting 11.
  13. Hazard would be good in Italy.
  14. Are we going to have time enough to get Kounde? Will Sevilla want to deal this late in the transfer window? And we are also trying to loan Saul which might be easier to get done.
  15. Jorginho ain't that even that great compare to Kante and KDB. Nonsense!
  16. Awesome, 25 million for Zouma. Good job Chelsea. Now let's finish the deal for Saul and Kounde and we are set for the new season!
  17. I'm getting more anxious about Zouma out then any incoming. lol
  18. City should spend all the Kane money on Mbappe. Start a bidding war with Real Madrid
  19. I would love Camavinga but we have so many young players at this moment that Saul a season player will be better for this season. That being said I'm surprised Atleti will loan him? What's up with that picture?
  20. Same was said of RLC and Tomori. He has done good, but I'm cautiously optimistic
  21. I was skeptical about Tuchel when we got him and he turned out to be awesome. Let's hope we get something similar.
  22. The plan now will be to get the ball to Lukaku, although he is not worried about personal glory. “It’s not about records. It’s about winning trophies. I’ve realised how different people’s attitude is towards you when you win something. In conversations I had with Didier Drogba or John Terry or Antonio Conte, the respect I have is different when you start winning. “That was something I really wanted. I wanted to win so bad. I went to Inter and then we did. That’s the only thing that matters to me – winning. Scoring goals, that’s beautiful. I know I am in a position where I can score a lot
  23. I agree, with this virus is all over the place the situation. We have the vaccine me and my wife. Never got COVID. But I know some people that have the vaccine have gotten COVID already. So in the end nothing is secure, and that is why even after having vaccine we are back to following the guidelines of mask and all that stuff.
  24. Horrific hatchet attack at Manhattan bank ATM caught on surveillance video; suspect in custody as victim remains hospitalized after bloody assault https://www.nydailynews.com/new-york/nyc-crime/ny-see-it-video-hatchet-attack-20210818-kqrnf3okrrcnhe553yamvec3cy-story.html#nt=pf-double chain~top-version-2021~flex feature~curated~hatchet10p~KQRNF3OKRRCNHE553YAMVEC3CY~1~1~1~7~art yes
  25. Euphoria but the in the long rung no one cares, what matters is stats. 100 years from now, people will see the records of this and that. That is what matters in the long run.
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