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  1. I did not say we are getting top 4 or the UCL. I am just saying that these objectives are still on the cards and the manager will not be sacked since nothing has been decided yet. I do not konw if letting Lampard continue is the smartest decision, I am just saying that I do not think that he will get sacked.
  2. Thinking that Lampard is going to get the sack after this is ridiculous. That will never happen. If it had not happened to Solskjaer or Arteta, it will never happen to Frank. Top 4 is still doable, UCL is on, FA Cup is on. It is frustranting and unacceptable for the team to play like this, it is just beyond awful and unexplainable. But Lampard getting the sack is just not plausible in my opinion.
  3. Disgusting stuff. No ideas on the attack whatsoever. What a total mess.
  4. I wouldn't mind Benitez, to be honest.
  5. We should enjoy his last months here. Maybe he'll leave after winning Europa League.
  6. Keep Sarri. Changing the whole identity of a club takes time and involves bad moments like this one.
  7. Good luck and thanks for that wonderful season under Conte.
  8. We need instant impact from him. No more patience, no more adapting time. Too many strikers have flopped here, we cannot afford wasting time on another one. Good luck, Pipita!
  9. Hi guys! First of all, I want to apologize if starting this topic is not ok. If needed, please remove it. Just wanted to ask you guys for some help regarding the Chelsea - West Ham game, that is set to be played on the 6th of April. I will be in London for the Drake concert on the 5th and I wanted to go to a Chelsea game for the first time in my life, but I have no idea how to handle the ticket situation. When and where should I start looking for tickets? How much should I expect one to cost? I will probably go for the cheaper options. Do you have any advice for me? Any in
  10. So he wants the move to go through. If that's his wish, can't force him into staying, but it's a shame that we didn't move quicker. As always.
  11. Mou has to go to a Inter / Milan type of club and take them to another level, just to prove that he's still got it and to mantain his legacy. At this point, he risks to go down in history as a clown, not as a great manager.
  12. I'm all pro free speech and people's rights of expressing their opinions, but aren't some of our fans pretentious as shit... How much do you people remember of August 2018? I think not that much. Well, that's when this team last lost a football match. 5th of August. We all marched through most of August, September, October and now November with our chest pumped and our balls hard. And yet some of us think that they know better than the man in charge during this time. Lol.
  13. Had a bad game, he's not a starter anymore, he's past his prime, BUT I feel like a lot of people don't show the respect that this guy deserves.
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