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  1. Madrid fan here, a bunch of shit has been thrown at Hazard for his first season but bottom line... he got a freaky injury against PSG in December and that's the ultimate catalyst for the season not going as well as it could have. With him healthy, Madrid would probably be well ahead in the league and who knows in the CL. Madrid needs two extra elite world class forwards to be back in the running for CL imo, Hazard prob has 2.5-3 elite years left.
  2. There's no option to buy, Florentino Perez isn't stupid. I don't like what deals like these says about the club tbh. In regards to Kovacic, he seems like a good player who could possibly become great if he had any above average passing ability, which he doesn't really.
  3. Coming from a Madrid fan, Morata is not considered by Madrid fans as anything special. We would never realistically consider him as a starter, only as a sub, but since the BBC is politically placed to play most games by Perez and since Zidane doesn't seem to like Morata all that much anyways, he's been noticeably ostracized. There's also the fact that Isco, Asensio, Kovacic, and Lucas are better options for multiple reasons as super subs and alternatives, so it's not that he doesn't play because he's terrible, it's not that. The belief going around is that the end of a cycle is coming at
  4. To those disparaging James arguably unfairly, this one's for you. James has largely been a "flop" in Madrid because Perez, as Football savy as he is... decided to purchase him without any truly justifiable grounds. Since BBC always plays in Madrid come hell or high water, James can't play in his best positions. There are some reasons that arguably come down to his attitude and work ethic, but that wasn't always a problem. When Bale got injured in late 2014 and Ancelotti played a 4222 with James and Isco on the sides, James was imperial. I remember his pressing and tracking back was v
  5. I think Mourinho and Varane had a good relationship, and this is why Mourinho has maybe even called Varane to propose something to him, such as an automatic first team spot. But the only real doubt he has with Madrid i think, is the fact that he needs to know that he will start. He was injured in the beginning of 13/14 and when he came back the defense was set, so ideally 14/15 will be a fresh start for him, i'm pretty sure he understands this. He will probably talk with Ancelotti after the world cup. Option 1 - Madrid gives him reasonable monetary improvement with new contract and talks with
  6. Not really when it comes to tasks. 4-3-3's how i see them have specific tasks for much of the game. A drop off doesn't mean true 4-3-3 at all. A midfielder in Hazard's place would have probably tracked the run. Defense was also quite stretched, to have an attacker defend a diagonal like that is a bit of a stretch.
  7. I think one of the reasons Jose has stuck with the 4-2-3-1 is because you can have a more attacking counter setup, my point being that with a 4-3-3 you always have three midfielders, you have more midfield tools to pass, block, intercept, etc, with the 4-2-3-1 yes you can drop off but that also comes with a bit of a connotation that, that is not their main purpose, which is different with a 4-3-3. With 4-2-3-1 you can arguably notice the lack of forward tracking, something that was seen from hazard against atletico for example.
  8. It is no doubt important to defend with 8 at the very least(important matches anyways), 4-2-3-1 implies a more complicated and less natural defensive scheme for attackers. 4-3-3 is prob the most fashionable formation atm as you have 3 midfielders which is one more that 4-2-3-1 while one of the three forwards can help from a little to alot depending on opponent.
  9. It's not just about showing up "at the push of a button", the players obviously care and they give it their all, Atletico clearly defended very very well and did not make it easy on Real which were as noted, not as fresh as they were in encounters such as the Semi's. This is how football works. Whilst watching the match i knew that i was watching A Real Madrid that not only was not at it's most fresh, but an Atletico that was defending very well. Di Maria opened them up well with his individuality, as he has done plenty times before with other teams this season, he's a physical freak. Benzema
  10. Third place is really more in part due to the last 3 matches given away for reasons already mentioned. The 2014 Madrid would have probably won the league. Real Madrid won the matches it had to win in the CL with the only slip pretty much being the match at dortmund, it was after that one that the 4-3-3/4-4-2, and the real cl winning side was able to be seen. The matches against Bayern and Barca after that dortmund match speak for them selves. Best Madrid since the Last Cl winning side. Atletico defended well and made it hard for us but they were only winning due to a Goalkeeper mistake, they
  11. Carlo's work at Madrid has been Exceptional. He took a team that was drowned in controversy and brought calm into the team and club. With the players he was given, he was able to add a new layer of maturity (specially defensively) to Madrid. The season long tactical work consisted primarily of 1. Figuring out the correct formation 2. Improving team work and defensive mechanisms The mid point of this improvement/road was the 31 game undefeated streak that consisted of Madrid conceding around no more than 5 goals in about 2 months. This all Led to the final result, that being a strong 4-3-3/4-4-
  12. i hope u had a great birthday, flash i hope all the hugs u got resulted in a love rash but be wary you dont want your life to go in a dash what u do want is envelopes full of cash i bet u'd love that green mash chelsea might have lost today but theres always tomorrow theres no reason to live in sorrow thats a line you can borrow you only get one life make sure you give your self a high five as long as u breath there is no loss look at the sea of possibilities, go ahead take a dive swim flashy flashy swim, u know u the boss no one can catch you go at the speed of light as you keep growing u m
  13. I was playing around a little bit, but please, if i showed any viciousness it was probably seen in your eyes as far too much confidence, arrogance, and you cant tell me this place isnt filled with it, lol, afterall, behind these words u indeed talking to a human just like your self, maybe im talking so philosophically because im listening to benedict cumberbatch, ffs. Anyways, incase u didnt understand from my quick write up.. That 0-1 happened late last year when Carlo was still trying to find the right cards, building the lego death star, he had barely begun. Isco did not play the way he do
  14. Ima tell u why we will win sherlock u see we are taking la decima home we'll kill them in 90 mins keep an eye on the clock carlo is a real detective reminds me of holmes he's gonna make dem heads bounce he'll pull a trounce he wont have a bit of mercy not even an ounce his cognitive skills are reminiscent of dr house. << i suggest u go to google so u can browse if u pay close attention you will see we've been stinging our opponents like honey bees we beat both barca and bayern 6-0 aggregate we pound them so hard, to have babies they''ll need a surrogate carlo has fixed the team's issu
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