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  1. Has to play more next season , certified baller
  2. +1 for Pedro Neto , seems to have very high potential
  3. Grealish is ass , just a basic English lad who did a rabona vs Fulham or something
  4. Last time we won UCL we signed hazard
  5. @Vesper just wondering what you think of Julian Weigl and Florian neuhaus
  6. Managing celtic gives him a chance to build a CV and test out things with little pressure , would be a good move
  7. Not confident , can see Zouma messing v Suarez
  8. They are gonna bottle la Liga , shame
  9. Kante is completely useless in possession , you can’t be a top midfielder and be that bad on the ball. People act like he is prime xavi because he won a few tackles in 2016
  10. Playing Kante over kova today is a sackable offence
  11. Probably played snooker with Jody Morris after training , just your typical mediocre English lad who should be working on a construction site
  12. Chilwell is championship standard
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