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  1. Hopefully they try to lowball and he ends up staying , he’s a good centre back
  2. They completely sat back and let Liverpool and juventus dictate the game before , which was almost their underdoing , I wouldn’t necessarily expect them to press us hard
  3. We actually played ok v Barcelona but had a series of individual errors leading to their goals and hit their woodwork multiple times , the tactics and approach were decent considering that and the fact they were a way stronger team than us. Liverpool dominated Barcelona one leg but lost 3-0 undeservedly, they managed to turn around
  4. Ziyech is a donkey , weak ass set piece merchant , why bring him on
  5. Tuchel has some clear flaws but he pisses on Lampard as a manager
  6. You can see why this fool subbed on chopo mouting in a CL final , absolute dogshit team selection and subs
  7. I think people were way too quick to "admit they were wrong" about chilwell because he had a few decent games , he's looking like a mediocre signing at that price, if we are persisting with wing backs he will probably lose out to Alonso
  8. Terrible day for Italian football yesterday , juventus winning at Milan and inter losing too , outrageous if juventus win the title again
  9. Honestly fuck the US government. It’s pretty funny that their office got trashed, too bad they were brainwashed and did it out of loyalty for trump and risked their lives for him. Civilization is unnatural. It is a whim of circumstance. And barbarism mustalways ultimately triumph.”-Robert E Howard
  10. The former Mi6 boss suggested it was lab made back in the spring
  11. The Chinese virologist who fled to the US said it was made in a military lab and deliberately released. And no I don’t expect the communist Chinese government to leave clear evidence lying around for the world to see. It’s more credible than some clown randomly eating a bat
  12. When this is “over” what’s to stop China releasing their next bioweapon to cripple us again? The high tech world is completely reliant on China to keep operating , they can act with impunity
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