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  1. I’d keep him for sure
  2. 433 with sterling harvetz dembele Mount kova Gallagher behind enough of this 5 at the back shite
  3. Lol might as well buy sterling and Jesus , no point worrying about us funding their other moves , they have a bottomless cash supply already
  4. Is Dybala bad these days ? He’s free
  5. Both were class before joining us
  6. Just sell him for £25m and move on , he’s an absolute tractor , we overpaid 4x because he scored some tap ins vs Genoa. Just sell for peanuts and forget
  7. Bringing in Dembélé and Jesus would be elite
  8. There’s a bunch of good free agents to take advantage of, especially as we are losing a few. Doubt we will though
  9. Mans lowkey one of the best strikers of a ball around. He’s also pretty tall for his position , particularly in la Liga , he’ll probably be sold for chump change too
  10. Legend , hope he stops the 5 at the back for next season , I’d rather a 4-3-3 like his psg
  11. He can take a pay cut
  12. City win the league again ... yawn
  13. At least it’s more interesting
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