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  1. Hard to believe he once played top level premier league games in midfield
  2. Chalobah probably has a higher ceiling than Zouma at this point
  3. Rice isn’t nearly good enough to justify playing this season with a weakened midfield
  4. Ridiculous offer lmao , kounde is a donkey and explains why Sevilla’s defence is absolute ass
  5. Apparently he’s only known for his passes and isn’t much of a defender
  6. Idiots , should have got him, but the club too busy exchanging carthorses at centre back which doesn’t need strengthening
  7. Let’s hope so , his decline in form isn’t to do with injury problems afaik. Hopefully just needs a change of scenery to revitalise him. Would be a great signing potentially , left footed , long range goal threat and obviously very capable defensively from playing under simeone
  8. More interested in Saúl at this point, all our centre backs have been good for a while
  9. Yep , people even got hospitalised by bubonic plague in recent years in 5 years time people will still be lining up for their 45th booster jab against the chucklevision variant
  10. £88m is easily twice his value , especially when passing is his best asset. Chalobah over him every day at that price. is the tchoumeni deal even rumoured? Can’t see much about that at all
  11. How did he do last night ? Heard people say he was pretty decent. How does he compare to Tomori ? Similar potential ?
  12. Checked the game on google search and read it as having lost 1-0 on pens
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