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  1. Chase his first touch into the goalkeeper
  2. lucio


    He’s quite fast so he will be much better than Alonso is certain situations
  3. lucio


    Believe he will do well and score goals from lwb
  4. I’m triple vaxxed , I needed it to travel to see my long distance GF , and we definitely want kids and she is triple vaxxed too ...
  5. Go off grid and raise a family in the forest , become self sufficient. Easy to do in Estonia , land is Cheap. don’t let politicians destroy your bloodline. Raising a proper family is an act of defiance to our rulers who would see us sterile and emaciated , too busy consuming lamestream media and eating chemical food
  6. Why even unlock it if you’re going to censor different opinions.
  7. Is he coming off a major injury ? Doesn’t seem to have missed many games for atletico
  8. Omicron is weak as piss , doesn’t help that about a third of the population is obese so there will always be plenty of people to “protect” in normal times this virus wouldn’t even register but modern man is so weak and glued to technology they can make a big deal out of it
  9. Any leader trying to implement lockdowns should be dealt with severely , too bad everyone backed down. They’d have a much better time getting people taking the jabs if they didn’t lock people inside
  10. Barack didn’t do mean tweets though but really I doubt presidents are much more than puppets
  11. Buy a left back and move away from this 3 at the back shite , was needed before to fix Franks horrible defence but now it’s holding us back
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