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  1. Managing celtic gives him a chance to build a CV and test out things with little pressure , would be a good move
  2. Not confident , can see Zouma messing v Suarez
  3. They are gonna bottle la Liga , shame
  4. Kante is completely useless in possession , you can’t be a top midfielder and be that bad on the ball. People act like he is prime xavi because he won a few tackles in 2016
  5. Playing Kante over kova today is a sackable offence
  6. Probably played snooker with Jody Morris after training , just your typical mediocre English lad who should be working on a construction site
  7. Chilwell is championship standard
  8. Everyone knows kova is one of the best at beating the press and that Leeds press a lot. One of the worst managerial decisions in history not to start him
  9. Kovacic , Werner , James , cho
  10. Guess he is saving players for the CL because this lineup is awful
  11. Sell Kante and sign kessie,
  12. Hopefully they try to lowball and he ends up staying , he’s a good centre back
  13. They completely sat back and let Liverpool and juventus dictate the game before , which was almost their underdoing , I wouldn’t necessarily expect them to press us hard
  14. We actually played ok v Barcelona but had a series of individual errors leading to their goals and hit their woodwork multiple times , the tactics and approach were decent considering that and the fact they were a way stronger team than us. Liverpool dominated Barcelona one leg but lost 3-0 undeservedly, they managed to turn around
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