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  1. Speaking of Atalanta, that big striker of theirs looked pretty good on the ball.
  2. yup, which is why we all agreed that a replacement for Giroud was needed - and one who could contribute more often/better - but also someone who could sit on the bench when the game was more for Kai as a false 9. I was honestly expecting someone younger, in the same mould of Werner age/experience wise. Tammy just couldn't deliver that, so we needed someone a bit more ready. Lukaku's price tag (and whatever surprises we may find in his contract) alone kinda prevents that from happening.
  3. Do you guys think that being completely unable to run, much less play football, will force Tuchel's hand to not start Lukaku? Have to wait and see.
  4. Agree that there is only so much one can do, but you can move the odds a bit. They have a lot of bio data we don't get to see. There is a blood exam that can show muscle fatigue or something for ex. Even for trauma injuries, a fitter athlete is less likely to get seriously injured. Yeah you can pick up an injury in training, but it's far more likely for that to happen during a very competitive match. Too much resting can be counter-productive by negatively affecting fitness, like in the case of Leonard, which may imply he always carried some niggling issue which was not disclosed. I h
  5. Was the starting XI a bit too strong for this fixture?
  6. Nah, he's just nowhere good enough yet. He obviously has potential, but still looks very green to me... even physically.
  7. hahah yeah Wenger!!! I did it again... poor Werner
  8. I have to confess that I can't watch arsenal play anymore. It's not that I hate them as I did during the Werner rule (arrogant prick), but because they are so bad these days, that I'd rather watch most other PL sides instead.
  9. While I also saw interesting things from the player (as well as Chalobah), I also saw big problems with the way they were unable to help the team keep possession, and instead of finding a pass, opted to hoof it upfield immediately handing the ball back to the opposition, which in turn increased the pressure on us. Along with Mendy heroics, shots hitting the post were also a result of that relentless pressure. I think much of it was nerves, but also lack of confidence. It takes a lot of confidence to look for a pass under pressure, or even attempt to dribble past a player so close to your
  10. Good read. I'd say Ziyech plays in a different wavelength, but not only from Tuchel's style like the article suggests, but rather from the modern game and especially the PL.
  11. Bottom line is that we bought the wrong striker, as usual. So, nothing new here really. Lukaku is definitely not a target man, and his characteristics match what lesser teams generally look for from his attackers (yes Inter too... not really a contender for anything important these days). That's why I'm not very optimistic about his passage here and whether he'll ever improve our side. The important bit here tho is that our side was already very good before he arrived, so improving on that would always be difficult.
  12. Necroing this one a bit, but while I definitely agree with you on that, my point with the "in that City system" bit is that I think Ederson would drop a tier in any other system than City's. And since I don't really see a lot of teams playing like City these days, I think he is indeed a tier lower than the likes of Mendy.
  13. Good list, but not even on his birthday Ederson can be better than Mendy. Think Ederson is a bit overrated tbh... I mean he can only be considered a top goalie in that City system. Think some of us have been saying how good Mendy is for quite some time eh. @Muzchap was being ironic there
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