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  1. I rest my case what a goal! great long ball by Kante!
  2. Thought same line was onside... wtf indeed!
  3. He seems to like the "dead zone." no compromise... worrying. doubly worrying... I too get the Ozil vibes from him. Hope to be very wrong here.
  4. As discussed before, Chilwell plays like a "proper" wingback, which makes this formation a tad overly defensive. Reckon it was very much intentional for the united game. Maybe Tuchel wanted to block the sides, or simply thought United is in a better form than we are atm. For me it is clear as day that Alonso plays as a left midfielder, same as Odoi on the other side. They both cut inside and join the other mids in the midfield line, while James and Chilwell will mostly roam the flanks. James does a bit more of the cutting inside, or making those nice crosses, but he's def not a mid.
  5. looked like an SNL skit for a second there.... then it quickly went from (sort of) funny to really sad.
  6. I disagree regarding younger players. With that mindset, no younger player will ever get minutes. Abraham got a lot of minutes (and starts) under Lampard and I don't see any quality in him (wish I did), but that's information. Folks at the club clearly see attributes in mount's game which warrants investing in his development. I think he gets to start because he's good tactically and has a lot of intensity to his game, aside from his good technique. In short, no, don't think he will be good enough if he does not develop, but the club (myself and others here) think that he will, and
  7. eh yeah that depends on how you look at it, but I'd definitely consider him a goal threat. And at 22, I honestly think we are way too demanding on him.
  8. It seems to me that by pinpointing very specific players from top clubs at that (except that lazy fuck Anderson ), and very unique in their leadership role, they'd be by definition not average? It's like saying Kante was "just" a workhorse at Leicester. And honestly, think he's pretty good skill wise: he's got quick feet, can work in tight spaces, and scores regularly. underrated.
  9. TBH, thought chilwell was in a bad patch even before the whole Tuchel and formation change. We are not even playing wingbacks, but left and right midfielders. Alonso and Odoi/James always roam and start from the midfield line, which IMO is key for this system to work and not become too defensive. Chilwell can prob play on the left, but I can definitely see why Alonso has been selected for now.
  10. Good game against Atletico. People talk about his first touch, but I see that it is just not very consistent atm like the rest of his game. That turn and shot (stopped by the goalie) was really good and the first touch, perfect. Just needs to settle a bit more and start turning some of the shots into goals. He does not have to become a prolific scorer to be a great player imo, just improve that final pass/shot. Perhaps now playing in a better system (imo it is) will give him the confidence to do just that. BTW, has been diving a bit too much for my taste.
  11. While we all love to talk about individuals, football is a team sport and you can imagine that whoever may be the manager, Mount will play. He makes the team better, and being a team sport, that's no small feat. We can certainly go into what we'd like him to do better, esp when comparing him to other players, but in fairness, we'd also need to say that that other player may not do certain things that mount does on the pitch. You always need a player like that and It does not really matter which position he starts from "on paper" his role is being that guy who makes things click.
  12. Christensen is a good player - the most technical Cb we've got excluding silva obviously. Overall a really strong performance. Voted on Giroud for the fantastic goal, but so many good performances today.
  13. heheh true. speaking of which, don't really understand how can one be a Chelsea fan and not appreciate what Mount does on the pitch - even on an off day. Maybe we will lose, but strong performances from a number of players. Odoi doing very well in attack and defense - nice to see that energy.
  14. Regarding Alonso, isn't it a bit obvious that *several* managers see something in his game that folks here may not be seeing? Myself, and a few others here, do as well, even if I'm not crazy when he's playing LB.
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