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  1. need to keep him fit and fresh for the final. It will take a massive performance by Kante - one which he's fully capable of delivering - for us to win it.
  2. No disagreement here. I wasn’t really talking about the fairness of it all. just that that was a clumsy play by zouma which could’ve easily led to a penalty. His last-ditch tackle earlier was great tho.
  3. Great game! Very good performance and great result! Rotating too! another assist by Werner. Tuchel said that, “Werner worked like a dog.”
  4. True and he got it. It’s still a penalty despite intention. IMO of course.
  5. He sure did make a mistake, but he’s been in excellent form in all comps. Personally I’d be very worried with zouma in the final. He’s very susceptible to press being so poor on the ball. And that’s what city does best.
  6. Andreas is out of the final unfortunately.
  7. I don’t understand how VAR looks at that and says it’s ok tho. I mean if there is any doubt do not call it!
  8. Ridiculous penalty call good that Sergio followed it with a ridiculous shot.
  9. yeah maybe, but I'm not a fan of Navas. Real is a fair point, while Costa Rica not so much imo (different standards). This has been my issue with Kepa all along. Think goalie is the position where you want a towering giant with huge reach - being able to attack crosses is a massive attribute. Navas simply does not have the physical attributes for any of that.
  10. good one, but are you suggesting Willian was ever! pacy?
  11. Has anyone watched Navas in those 2 legs? I cannot believe Mendy has been there (France) all along and they go after Navas. While I do get that nowadays some strategies demand that the goalie use his feet, he still needs to be good at the basics. and Navas isn't.
  12. I disagree with that. Had a different player been on the pitch, perhaps those opportunities he missed wouldn't have been there to begin with. The cool thing about Werner, and what some folks are missing about his game, is that he's a creator. no, he does not have the vision of a KDB to find that through ball, nor the finishing so many here crave for, but his pace and movement make him a nightmare to deal with. His presence alone will force City to employ a low(er) block again - just like they did against PSG because of Neymar and Mbappe. Yes, City is still an excellent side even when
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