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  1. There was good football at times, but finishing was simply not there. Pulisic's miss was something for the history books. On the other hand, it seems that we are no longer able to win games by 1x0 because we always concede (at last) a goal.
  2. Conte was a such an obviously good fit for them -- called it at the time they hired him. Everything hinges on whether Kane is there and remains motivated. He's such a good player and reckon he's even better now moving about the pitch and not strictly as a positioned striker. TBH, I think more as a replacement for Kova, but yeah if we stick 2 mobile rounded mids, then it works for sure. I like Jorgi, but I think Guimaraes has the potential to be better than him. Started following him in Brazil still when he bossed the midfield against Internacional in the Copa do Brasil final
  3. I'm a big fan of Bruno Guimaraes and I think he will start for Brazil at the World Cup. He's super rounded which makes him a tough one to go against in midfield. Suppose he's Newcastle's big signing once they got the money -- heard Arsenal were after him.
  4. Fair, but I think it was a matched change, so that he can also bring Grealish in. Fernandinho is joke though... does not belong at this level and never did. He was a good league player, but has always choked in decisive moments. I think Liverpool will win it again, unfortunately.
  5. heh not sure how one can go defensive by employing Grealish. They defend as a block and a defensively inapt player like him stands out. Sterling was working A LOT harder for the team.
  6. At some point someone has to ask Pep why he likes to lose so much. I mean, he puts Grealish and Fernandinho on the pitch... what did he expect?! They don't belong at this level. Fernandinho was a decent player once, while the other is shit. The untold truth is that City roster isn't that good.
  7. More like good game with poor finishing. I'm saying we are spoiled with this team... enjoy while it lasts.
  8. Bossed the midfield against united like he usually does? To me the mistakes in attack were far worse than anything bad we did at the back--united hardly created anything. Took a moment of magic from Cristiano to score against us. We controlled the game from start to finish and Kante had a big part in that. We let him go and he will do that against us... that simple.
  9. Reece and Kante are having monster games Other good performances too, like Alonso and Mount. Just sad if we don't win this with this performance...
  10. Who am I to judge whether the difference is enough or not? And that was a simplification--there are several other variables involved. And I'd put Totti in the "very few exceptions category."
  11. yup! I've known professional footballers in Brazil -- some even famous -- and with VERY few exceptions, their mindset is very much the same as ours concerning jobs. Do you think twice when getting an offer with a significantly higher pay raise? Do their spouses, friends, and agents chime in? That's what it's called being a "professional" footballer.
  12. For the record, Elden Ring is a great game. No, it's not a win/win from dark souls, and the open world aspect does not entirely mix with the souls model of sleek level design and tight leveling. I'm mostly a PC gamer -- it's not only about the GPU/CPU but also mouse and keyboard and/or gamepad/joystick + keyboard -- but would love to get my hands on a ps5 for Demons souls and Spiderman. Ghosts of Tsushima look good too... so many great games... so little time.
  13. There is nobody in the roster that can replace Rudiger - will need to sign someone if we want to have the same quality in defense. Chalobah is a promising physical player, but he's currently nowhere Rudiger's level and it's a monumental challenge to get there. Make no mistake, Rudiger's recent form (year and a half?) makes him one of the top CBs in the world.
  14. I can't imagine him delivering the goods at any top CL club. Just look at his stats alone and Inter was the oddball. Now, Inter does not compete in CL and does not pin their opponents down in their half. Again, not really sure what was so mysterious about his very specific and abundantly clear strengths and weaknesses.
  15. I was being nice considering he is a young player who hasn't seen a whole lot of minutes. Turns out he's not that young, but what caught my attention is that he appears to be good on the ball, but also a bit overconfident? The defense consistently failed to perceive danger, and those times demand a different approach to defending. It feels that Rudiger is the only physical CB we've got and we are lost when he does not play.
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