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  1. Neither. Griezmann is the better player, but is the wrong player for us and would kill our strategy of high intensity and pressure.
  2. slay clear... all prima donnas who will ruin our team same way they've ruined theirs.
  3. We all hope the newcomers improve in that regard. In theory we should have plenty of goals between Pulisic, Werner, kai, and Mount. I also agree with @Jas that maybe Abraham ain't gonna cut it when Tuchel would like to switch gears during a game and have a striker presence up front (he does not quite provide that atm like Giroud did). My concern is that a player like Lewa would not come to sit on the bench, which would definitely change the way we play. And the question remains, do we really want to change the way we play?
  4. Who plays with a striker these days? Not the teams who played the CL finals, that's for sure. It does not seem to prevent City from winning the PL every other season. Not Liverpool... do they even have a striker in roster? Certainly Arsenal and Tottenham employ dedicated strikers... and have been doing so well. United with Cavani now, but not that powerhouse either. Real is the only strong competitive team which employs a dedicated striker atm, or am I missing someone? I'm absolutely not saying that one can't be competitive with a striker, but rather that most competitive t
  5. Bringing him in at this time makes no sense to me. He would come to start, despite his age, and will disrupt the team. We won't be able to play to our strengths anymore.
  6. Good point, but I do see him a bit like a soft footballer. So, not sure he can consistently turn up, and by that I don't mean the occasional goal and assist, but I mean really compete. Can't imagine he trains a whole lot better hence why he does not play often regardless of manager. Mata was like that too, got that goal and assist in, but wasn't a participant for most of the game. This is one of the occasions I'd very much like to be wrong, but don't think I am.
  7. He was not at fault for the goal, but I've been noticing a couple of things in his game. Just a tad slower and sloppier on the ball. Dunno, but I suspect it's his last season at this level and even that would be pushing it.
  8. Zouma is sellable, but not sure Ziyech - we are prob giving him wages he couldn't get anywhere else, which makes it hard to get him out of the club. I suspect he's an easy game performer. Will do his MotM performance against a small club, but vanish against anything tougher. Laporte on the bench for City looks attainable indeed, and a ball-playing CB at that. I understand why you are not optimistic about Werner, but I think even small tweaks in his game can turn him into a much more lethal weapon. Yes, easier said than done, but have faith. The issue with the striker position i
  9. Smart business. Let the far less important player go for big bucks and keep the difference maker, who will not lose any value anytime soon.
  10. Causality is misrepresented here. he did not "have the privilege" but rather took different teams to those finals. Winning the most important of them all? He made England more competitive in my view. How do you know England would've even made to the PKs without him? England played a far superior team, and were able to shut them down for the most part (with mount's help). You see the problem here? He did play in the final, so (mentally) removing him from the game goes into what ifs. It is very likely Mount will start for Chelsea for the next 10 years. So, suggest getting used t
  11. Mason mount is a team fixer. he makes the team more competitive, which in turn makes it more likely to win silverware. some folks don’t like that and prefer flashier players, but consider that if it’s not mason it’d have to be another player like him elsewhere. I reckon he’s one of the best at what he does. we don’t have Messi, Neymar, mbappe… we are not a powerhouse. If we play as equals with them, will lose more often than not. We can level the playing field with intensity, tactics, and smarts -and Mason mount helps with all that.
  12. Dunno if already posted, but this is the typical low-key that can strike gold. https://www.getfootballnewsfrance.com/2021/marseille-strike-e20m-deal-to-sign-gerson-from-flamengo/ Not without risk, as this is his second stint in Europe - his first was in italy and he did not do so well. He then moved back to Flamengo and did amazingly well and is now a contender to take over the Brazilian midfield (since Juve's arthur seems to be a bust). Characteristics wise, he's an extremely skillful center mid. I'd say he has much better control than Kova, and similar dribbling skills. Now, t
  13. Which brings the question: What exactly does Jorgi need to do and accomplish so that some folks will see that he's actually a very good player (let's leave it at that ) ?
  14. Gary Neville says what is pretty obvious: "The people who take penalties in my mind should be the people who are most confident about putting the ball in the back of the net, who have a history of putting the ball in the back of the net in those situations. You cannot recreate it in training but you can have a comfort about doing it, you can be a better striker of a ball than others. I have got no doubt that Gareth and his staff will have done everything possible to have chosen those five penalty-takers. Those five were planned to stand up. Raheem Sterling, if we are honest, is not a
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