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  1. VAR has ruined the game, there's not a single person I've spoken to who doesn't agree with that. Get rid of it, abolish the whole damn thing if they can't approach it sensibly, goal-line technology is enough. What happened to giving advantage to the attacker when he is level with the line? And Chilwell was level, I don't care about the lines drawn on a picture because it's not possible for anybody to pinpoint with absolute certainty when the ball was actually struck, or draw those millimeter wide lines with absolute accuracy from cameras far high up, it's impossible... hence giving the advanta
  2. It was Tuchel's fault first and foremost for starting him. Kepa can't be blamed for an uncontested worldie going in, in that sense he's not at fault. He is also not at fault for the hand-ball that created the chance and for nobody closing Tielemans down. It was a mix of bad/corrupt refereeing and bad defending that he had to face that shot. We know who he is so we can't be mad at him playing at his level. But the thing is, it's a cup final and if you've studied him before, you just know he isn't going to save shots like this... Which is okay, not everybody can be so good. But when you have a g
  3. Nah, just put Reece back where he belongs. Yeah he was good at RCB, but we lost offensive impetus by having Azpi there... and Alonso on the opposite side (how many times did he get burnt for pace exactly?). Why we reverted to pragmatism with two slow wing-backs when they should be the ones providing width and pace is beyond me, sometimes it seems Tuchel is tinkering for the sake of tinkering. Our regular line-up with James and Chilly on the wings would have been fine imo. Sure he was afraid of Vardy's pace, but come on now, don't be so scared... No silly changes here please, just go with
  4. Already 0-1 down. Come on Chels! Plenty of time left.
  5. Mendy Zouma - Silva - Rüdiger James - Gilmour - Jorginho - Chilwell Ziyech - Mount Havertz I would play something along those lines. Hopefully one or two key players get a rest, but not too many, want to beat Arsenal badly. Azpi and Kante are due for some rest imo, Gilmour and Zouma have proven to be adequate covers.
  6. We would have won the league if he'd been here since the beginning of the season.
  7. Lol, what? CL winner automatically qualifies for next season, so top 4 becomes redundant at that point. I would gladly lose all of the remaining EPL games and FA Cup if it means we win the CL, not even a contest. I would laugh in Pep's face and not say anything.
  8. I would be all for it. Free transfer, proven one of the best goalscorers in EPL history... He still has a lot to offer I feel. However he should be ready to play a squad role, not expect undisputed starting role. If both Giroud and Tammy leave (they probably will if we sign a striker), he would be competing with Havertz and Werner for the ST position, so there is a good chance he can make the position his own if he manages to stay fit. He'd be a great band-aid for 1-2 seasons until we find a more permanent solution. Having said that, I don't think he will stay in England, he will most lik
  9. Also doubt it. Sarri was so stubborn that he would have played the same players until retirement, by that time Mount would have been long gone.
  10. Would he be playing for us right now if it wasn't for Frank? Doubtful, probably wasted out on loan until somebody snapped him up. For all the things Frank did wrong (and we could list a lot), he got this one right.
  11. He is a world class shot stopper and commander of area, not even up for debate. We got an absolute steal. One less position to worry about come transfer window.
  12. Wonder how he would fare in this Chelsea side... It's clear that Zizou doesn't know what he's doing, he doesn't have Ronaldo or prime Bale to bail him out anymore and RM in general look disjointed. That doesn't leave much room for individuals to shine when the whole collective is down. However Tuchel has built a well-oiled machine, would Hazard disrupt that machine or find his best form again?
  13. Just seen this thread. You are a bigger disgrace than anybody on The Shed for disrespecting a legend like Frank like that. His inexperience caught up with him as expected, but that doesn't mean you can call him a "failed PE teacher", "fraud" or "Fanny Lampard" and be seriously considered a Chelsea fan. We got to the CL under his watch which is why we're able to play the final this year in the first place, and at the very least he commands respect for the work he did with our youngsters. Fuck you, you plastic twat
  14. What an absolute beast of a player he is, on his way to becoming world class!
  15. I fully expect this to be the starting 11 with everyone fit. And I do think this team is good enough to get a clean sheet or score, if needed. Mendy Christensen - Silva - Rüdiger Azpi - Kante - Jorginho - Chilwell Mount - Pulisic Havertz
  16. I'm a slave to emotions Also in those moments I don't really think who is where, I realized it was Werner only after the fact (was not surprised, just straight up pissed off screaming at the TV). Good save by snake, but Timo made it easy for him. Luckily Pulisic raised the mood shortly after, good lad.
  17. My patience is running thin, if not run out already. Yesterday's miss was the angriest I got at any of his misses. I was celebrating before seeing it go in because it was a 1000% chance the moment the ball was passed to him, so in the heat of the moment I just said sell this sack of **** but have now calmed down a bit. Anybody who's been following my posts know that I was most excited about signing Werner, not Havertz or Ziyech. Simply because I thought he'd fix our goalscoring problems and elevate us a level... That has not been the case, he's made it worse. I have been defending him up to th
  18. All I can say is keep the faith. Chelsea have done bigger wonders when nobody believed we could.
  19. Wait, I thought we were out of top 4 after the loss to WBA. Or after any loss with Lampard... How can we be done with something more than once? Considering how close the top 4 race is and how inconsistent results are throughout the league, would you bet everything and your life on Chelsea being done after a draw?
  20. I understand the players being rested, but for example what was the point of putting James to the left to stay back? Our best crosser effectively disarmed. After those in-game changes we became worse, came closer to losing than winning. We were in trouble in midfield but Kante didn't come on... another questionable decision.
  21. That performance was imo a result of questionable tactical decisions and pre-match furore. The players' heads were not in it. I think we were lucky not to have lost considering the chances BHA had, so there is that positive to take from it. I now expect to bounce back strongly after the club has withdrawn from ESL and some key players got rested... We will look a different side with Azpi, Kante, Kovacic and Chilwell back.
  22. Kovacic and Kante make him look better. I thought it was going to be a disaster when line-ups came out, 'cause Jorginho needs someone defensively solid next to him... Mount is not it, he's a final 3rd player not last 3rd. I think Tuchel underestimated Brighton by exposing midfield like that. We desperately need a 4th CMF come next season, if Kovacic and Kante are out we're fucked. Gilmour could become that player, but he seriously needs to bulk up if he is to have any chance... too short and skinny to be a regular EPL CMF atm.
  23. Don't try to make sense of Tottenham's actions, there is a reason why they are a trophyless banter meme club with a chicken on a turd as its crest. Shooting themselves in the foot is what they do. Hope Shitty fucking mop the floor with them in the final.
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