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  1. I have a spare membership for United game. Some extra tickets going on sale tomorrow at 30 points.
  2. I don't think it'll get that far tbh mate. I'm surprised it's not sold out already.
  3. Got through at about 11 on the phone! I must have pressed redial 100s of times. When it rang I was on hold for about 6 minutes. Got a ticket in the west lower. Seems they've seen some sense and put Sunderland on loyalty points.
  4. It definitely needs looking at the system is awful! The loyalty points system also needs looking at. I spent 4 and a half hours trying to get tickets today. Luckily I managed to get palace and Liverpool tickets so it wasn't for nothing in the end!
  5. Think it's just the luck of the draw tbh! I'm trying on the phone as well.. Really awkward when I'm at work but I'll keep trying until it's sold out
  6. Absolute joke of a system! I was on there for nearly 2 and a half hours this morning! By the time I got through palace was sold out, managed to get Liverpool tickets though. Palace sold out quicker cause it wasn't sold on loyalty points and could well be the game we win the title. Seen a lot of pissed off people on Twitter today, the game should have been sold on points and whoever made the decision to put both on sale today should be sacked!
  7. I am great thanks Kerry! Just been very busy working a lot! Trying to make some time again for the forum. How are you?
  8. 100 England caps, such an achievement that only 7 other men have achieved before him. He deserves every single one of them caps, what a career, what a player. Super Frankie Lampard :blue scalf:
  9. Yeah I did this with my home shirt last year, they printed champions of europe on the back
  10. I never received my September issue! Received October there is always slight damage due to the shit packing they use.
  11. Yeah it pisses me off how people still seem to overlook this fact that UEFA order teams to wear full strip for celebrations. Every other member of the team did the same but of course JT was the bad guy here. Ridiculous. Good to see another positive story about JT but it'll get overlooked by most people & the media.
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