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  1. Everything points to them destroying us, If Morata doesn't start at CF it will confirm that Conte didn't want him
  2. If Willian starts ahead of Pedro again....... same team but Pedro in
  3. Yes but it was on the ankle he injured and used the sad face emojis! we shall wait and see! fingers crossed he is ok
  4. If Alonso is injured, then Zouma in at rcb and move Azpi to left wing back! Ivanovic just makes me cry thinking about him trying to defend against Ali etc
  5. City and liverpool got lucky IMO Hull were heading for a point until a very silly tackle from Andrew Robertson, after that they capitulated. Stoke should have been 2 up with a bit of luck, at 1-0 , I have no idea why Glen Johnson doesn't boot the ball away...why he tried to play the ball out from that position in the box is beyond me, the second liverpool goal keeper should do better! Think 3-0 and 4-1 flattered them. I have no doubt Stoke will turn into world beaters against us, Could be hard work! and they will 100 % rile up Diego more than any other
  6. What's with all the negativity guys? We dismantled Utd, Southhampton who hadn't been beaten at home since us last season, Beat spurs from 1-0 down who hadn't been beaten this season...dismantled everton too.... We will dismantle City!
  7. Difficult game! Although, we have said that the last 3...... Same time! don't even think about Ivanovic
  8. Tibo Ivanovic Cahill Terry Azpi Matic Mikel Willian Oscar Hazard Costa It's got a win written all over it, Branas pace bombing up and down the wing! oscars precise passing in the spaces, Willian's finishing...it's all there oh and the best pivot of all time!
  9. Oscar owes me a new tv remote! There are no more words to describe how frustrating it is to watch him! and what even is he? Willians design making is dreadful Michy is a Belgian Remy! and sad to say it but JT won't fit this system, he looked lost out there.
  10. Tibo Ivanovic Cahill Terry Azpi Kante Willian Fabregas Hazard Michy Costa
  11. Can anyone tell me if there is no longer a man of the match poll on post match topics or am i missing something?
  12. My throat is still sore from the bridge! Awesome night under the lights! Plus points - Hazard, Oscar, Kante...and the defence were solidish Negatives - indecisive in final third, Matic, pedro.
  13. Tibo Brana Cahill Terry Azpi Kante Matic Willian Oscar Hazard Costa Subs: Begovic,Batshyui,Moses,Fabregas,Aina,Loftus cheek, Pedro.
  14. Don't think this is as important as the PSG Game so.. TIbo Azpi Miazga Cahil Baba Matic Fabregas Pedro Oscar Kenedy Remy/Pato
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