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  1. That's not Fernando Torres. That's EL NINO.
  2. Yea. I should realize Mourinho + Chelsea fans = Rafa + Liverpool fans. It's a lose lose situation for me to even argue against Mourinho on this board.
  3. The two Escobars http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UdOgxLA3lDc
  4. LOL. The question would help me understand the love he has for Mourinho. Also, how is North Korea these days mate?
  5. Apparently, Santos rejected Barca's offer today. (FoxSports reported)
  6. it's worse. He's commenting the UCL FINALS!
  7. I think I read he was still the number 1 footballer in terms of salary this season..... Anyways, here are the reasons. 1. Looks 2. Galacticos 3. Posh/Spice Girls 4. England Number 7 and Captain 5. Affiliation with UNICEF and other charities... 6. ?
  8. Since your a nugget fan, do you think the team was better than the Melo days? The bad boys days of Melo, Smith and Martin. I thought Phil was going there.....
  9. No, he's rubbish. He's an athletic freak that main game is to own the lane defensively. He was never known to have a post game and was never know to be an offensive powerhouse in the NBA. He is what he is, a defensive beast.
  10. Good write up. I have the same thoughts and concerns. However, I am viewed as a "Mourinho" hater since I post comments that don't make him into a god.
  11. Pirlo passes are flashy. They are not short passes,but killer long balls. He might not be fast, but his game is def. Flashy.
  12. Ozil was so lethargic with this shot... Eh, the game should of been like 4-1... He made some great saves though.
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