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  1. What an exciting game to watch! That's the sort of Derby game I want to witness when Chelsea and Arsenal meet up! Such a spectacle for the supporters and that was matched on the pitch today for the first time in a LONG time. I thought we showed we are still a work in progress but the areas we need to improve in were also the areas we exploited Arsenal in. I thought we struggled to press effectively from the front and that the space between the defenders and midfielders was WAAAAAAY too big. Kepa - 6 Probably should've done better on Henrik's goal and didn't really look for the soft s
  2. Its all dependent on the style of football being employed.
  3. Monchi. We need experience not a feel good story
  4. Sadly, captain obvious, you aren't telling me anything I don't know, but I appreciate your determination still!
  5. Many people might prefer him, but they need to realise, he will be the undisputed LB for sometime. No shit! thanks for the newsflash pal... LOL
  6. pretty sure I said I expect Alonso to start but Emerson was my preferred choice... but anyways...
  7. Man. Just scrolled through the comments during the game and boy was I shocked by some of the comments. I’m not gonna call anyone out personally but I was left wondering what game people watched? First of all, in the first half we faced a 3-5-1-1 for the first time, very little space in between the lines. Pritchard’s defensive instruction was clearly just to sit on Jorginho and to not allow him to get on the ball, as a result Luiz became our deep lying playmaker. We struggled to find the half spaces because Huddersfield, surprise, surprise, were VERY compact and made it very hard to break the
  8. Kepa Azpi Rudi Luiz Emerson Kante Jorginho Barkley Pedro Morata Hudson-Odoi Pretty sure it will be Alonso but it would be much better with Emerson
  9. They probably kept it out of the contract for accounting purposes.
  10. what I'm hearing is his buyout clause is £44.2m. Utd triggered it but he didn't want to join them so we came in but with Kepa costing as much as he did, the club made an agreement to do a loan for accounting purposes. FFP kept us from making it official but it will be perhaps in January?
  11. surprised his agent wasn't working overtime to get him a move... He will not play, this much I am sure of.
  12. How on earth did this guy survive deadline day??? real head scratcher.
  13. they'd only sell Hazard unless a team meets his valuation... I think you guys need to relax. Fekir has been a target for a while because he's good and relatively cheap, not because Hazard is off.
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