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  1. truly a religious experience watching that game.
  2. what a moment to choose to go the Bridge. Happy for you man!
  3. Haha I just fuckin realized. God damn, it's been a long time since I changed it. I put that up after a tactical master-class, and it looks likes nothing has changed.
  4. Batshuayi just has to start. I don't see any other way. Hopefully, we also have Alonso back. Go through here, and Southampton can have it in the next.
  5. What a game-plan. Absolutely terrific. It's been a long time we set out do something this solid on the pitch. The 3 at back actually looks very feasible domestically.
  6. Would love to see Kante, Cesc and Matic featuring with Oscar being sacrificed. Moses for Willian as well doesn't sound too bad to start with.
  7. I don't think he'll win the League immediately. I expect a very open race between the the usual three with new managers. Leicester will drop off eventually and Liverpool-Tottenham will be in the mix. Jose will eventually get his hands on the title, his ability to retain and repeat success over a longer period is a purely subjective matter for all of us. I don't really think anyone can predict whether he has learnt from his mistakes or not, cause the trend got pretty alarming this year, enough for him to notice. If he has, then sky's the limit for him. However putting to much thought into
  8. I don't think Ivanovic should be a nailed down contender for the first team spot.Chelsea could and should do much better than him, especially in a spot such as right-back, considering how much we try to shift it to the wings. But right now our hands are tied at the back considering what the situation is, atleast Hiddink's is. He can come in and either stick with what he thinks he is right or experiment with Baba. In a time like this where interim managers come in, reputation often precedes any other characteristic, especially considering how Hiddink would love to play the "Old Guard" card and
  9. There was no need to take the high horse really. You have an opinion, you just got to agree to disagree. We are all Chelsea fans, what are you going to get by questioning our ambition when everyone here wants the club to be successful. You think X should play over Y with Z reasons, good for you man, your opinion back it up. Others have their reasons too, which surprisingly to you has been backed by two managers who have a history of winning ( atleast so far) , why so much hostility.
  10. Pretty sure the difference that Costa offers over Falcao is different from Ivanovic offers over Baba. He might not be the best we have, but there is a reason he is starting .Something he might do in training, or around the players, whatever it is managers aren't completely blind, they are like us, they have their reasons.
  11. Just realized I have a Fabregas DP with a Mourinho signature. Most hated guy on the forum and I barely post anymore.
  12. DIdn't people criticize Mourinho just when he was appointed. Not against him being sacked, but people should be able to bring up the valid points that they have had against the decisions Hiddink has made early too. Early judgement can't just be made on one and not the other.
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