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  1. another cheap trick from the club, should treat our club legends better.
  2. Di Marzio: Chelsea, Conte set for further talks on Thursday; Arturo Vidal "could be" the first signing #CFC |
  3. Hazard is just like that type of girl you can't really rely on, a girl that's very unstable and needs new experiments/excitements/challenges all the time because she is still searching and isn't ready to settle down yet. She's the prettiest, the most exciting and sexiest girl you know but she already has her mind somewhere else before you know it. For a short period that relationship is very exciting but for too long you will eventually get tired of the instability. For a marriage, you rather go for more boring types like Willian and Azpi. Less excitement but she will always give you a 7, t
  4. The career of a manager differs a lot from that of a footballer, for that reason it is really difficult not to go to a rival club. 1) A career of a manager at top level is a lot longer than that of a professional footballer: take Jose for example, he started coaching Porto (first big club) when he was 39 years old and came to us for the first time when he was 41. Currently he is already for about 13 years in the business, that's a long time but he could easily coach at top level for another 17 years, that makes 30 years in total. The same goes for other young talented managers like Pochett
  5. This post is just like your profile pic, UGLY. The guy who took us to relegation battle, LOL maybe you should check our history with him: - 3 Premier league titles - 1 FA cup - 3 League cups - 3 CL semifinals Maybe this is the reason why some of the Chelsea fans adore him, love him or at least respect him. Unlike ungrateful fans like you and your Emenalo fan buddies who can only focus on the bad 4 months out of his 5.5 years at Chelsea. And who the fuck you think you are to say we're pretending to be Chelsea fans, just fuck off already you piece of plastic ungrateful glo
  6. stroey


    Teixeira is crazy to move to this clown league and he's already regretting it seems (he said today that he actually wanted a EPL move very badly). Oscar is smart to reject the offer and maybe Allegri is really coming in and blocked this move as he is a big fan of Oscar.
  7. I am sorry to say this, but currently it feels like we're the English version of Real Madrid. - Sacking managers like it's nothing - Treating club legends like shit (Raul, Casillas = JT, Lamps) - Buying attacking players for the sake of buying We're even worse, because we sell club hero/legends to direct rivals just because the money is better than selling them abroad (Mata, Cech). It currently feels like we're a club without an identity, maybe because the club is run by genies like Emenalo. The only thing that makes me proud is our fans > (1000 times) Real Madrid's fans. JT h
  8. stroey


    Thanks for all the beautiful goals Rambo, forever a Chelsea hero for me. Welcome to China!
  9. http://bleacherreport.com/articles/2608813-chelsea-transfer-news-shock-ilkay-gundogan-diego-costa-rumours-emerge Ramires and Gundogan swap deal? Yes yes yes.
  10. Oscar finally dropped Chelsea subs for Everton: Begovic, Baba, Cahill, Loftus-Cheek, Kenedy, Oscar, Remy. Ramires not even on the bench.
  11. Pato, Texeira. Buy back Luis, Luiz and Alex and we can start an all Brazilian line up: GK Ramires Alex Luiz Luis Willian Oscar Kenedy Pato Diego Teixeira
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