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  1. Tough to find many (or any) reputable sources for this. Even tougher to imagine given Mourinho's comments that Rooney is the only target remaining for this summer. If it were true it would be a great move, very talented midfielder, great engine, good on the ball and would be a real driving force and for such a cheap price too.
  2. Really looking forward to this, obviously because it's been a while since Chelsea last played but of course there is also the Mourinho factor. Hopefully we get a few indications of what is to come for the season ahead, though I know that the lack of the Confederations Cup players might influence decisions somewhat. - What formation does Mourinho start with and does he change during the game. - What positions will De Bruyne and Schurrle play in. - How will Van Ginkel, Schurrle and Schwarzer do. - Can Lukaku lay down an early marker for the number one striker spot. - Will maybe one of the fringe
  3. Anyone know what stations are showing this in the UK?
  4. It's hardly an excuse, it's pretty obvious that the English game is a quicker tempo and more physical than say the Spanish or Italian leagues. While creative players can flourish in England, I tend to think the more technical and tactical La Liga or Serie A tend to be better fits for smaller creative players. Personally I think Oscar will succeed, cream always rises to the top and Oscar has everything you need to be a world class footballer.
  5. Just going to add my 2 cents. The lad is a sublime talent, his overall game is hugely impressive for someone so young. However he's come to England and it's pretty difficult with the physical nature of the game and trying to adapt to that and a different culture, it's not been helped by him being played out of position and Rafa rarely starting him either. Put this lad in Spain or Italy and you have a superstar. He may become a superstar in England if given the time and the opportunity.
  6. He source is pretty bad but if this were true it would be brilliant, a top class talent, I remember being impressed by him when he played for Valencia, he's developed so much since then. He would be a great signing for any club.
  7. As much as I'd like to, I don't think Ba will start today. Probably hasn't trained enough with us. Maybe he will start Wednesday.
  8. Yes so we should have been able to do an adequate job with the replacements. It means that they are the worst side in the league, that's what it means.
  9. Maybe you missed the bit where we spent like 100 million on players in the Summer. To add to a Champions League winning side. Did you miss those 17 consecutive games that QPR failed to win this season? Or how utterly dreadful they looked against Liverpool? So your saying don't take chances? Never rotate? Based on this conversation I've changed my entire opinion on football, let's sell the squad all but for 11 starters, let's just play all the kids in the cups cos nobody cares about those anyway and there we have it, Rafa can't "take risks" by playing nearly 40 million pounds worth of replacem
  10. So we can no longer rest a couple of players at home to QPR at the end of one of the busiest schedules a football club could possibly have. I must have missed the bit where we went from being European Champions with a strong squad to being relegation candidates. Maybe Rafa thinks we can do something in the cups this year? If we can't rotate (if that's what you can call making a couple of changes) at home to the bottom side then when can you rotate? Wait if he wasn't rested then what was he?
  11. How is the 59th minute unacceptable? He gave the players he started a team talk, he gave them time to go out and apply what he said at half time, it didn't work out so he changed it after 15 minutes. That's just logical management, not a hanging offence.
  12. I agree that there are problems in the squad. Far too many average players on the pitch last night starting with the striker. Nor am I saying that Oscar and Marin are as good as Mata and Hazard but surely they can be trusted at home against QPR after the scheduled we've had.
  13. Against smaller sides Barcelona will routinely rest Iniesta or Xavi or both. Real Madrid have no problem resting Ozil or Alonso against smaller sides if the manager feels they need rest. Ferguson for years has been able to rest Rooney occasionally and previously Ronaldo and now Van Persie and still feel confident of getting a result. Are you telling me that we can't put Brazil's starting number 10 and German international Marko Marin into the side and not expect to break down QPR? If the manager can no longer rest two players against bloody QPR, bring in two highly rated young players only t
  14. I'm sorry but that opinion is just dumb. He rested TWO(!) players at the back end of an insanely busy scheduled. He then brought in a German international and a Nigerian international, both of whom we bought in the Summer for decent amounts of money. If he seriously can't rest two players at home against QPR and not expect to get a result then it's pretty obvious that the fault lies with the squad, not the manager.
  15. How do you know what Rafa's attitude towards the game was like? He made two bloody changes, has Ferguson or Mourinho ever made two changes to their regular team against the bottom side in the league at home? You can bet that they have. How do you know what he said at half time? Marin has barely kicked a ball for us and Oscar has barely played lately. He obviously wanted to keep on the two wide men and give Oscar s chance at number 10 (notice Hazard coming on before Mata). Yes stupid decisions that amounted to being two time Uefa coach of the year, two time La Luga winner, Uefa Cup, FA Cup an
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