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  1. Are there any other examples of Conte's use of youth. There's obviously Pogba, but what about him promoting players from the academy?
  2. Only pre season obviously, but he is having a stormer for bayern so far. Looks a top player
  3. Not sure why you think he doesn't have the physical abilities. He's tenacious in the tackle and positionally very good. He's also bigger than Coquelin (just an example) and he excelled in the DM/CM position last season for Arsenal. His passing is of course nowhere near fabregas level, but his short passing game is very tidy and he can pick out a pass as shown by when he picked out Hazard in the champions league for his goal. Think DM/CM will be his position in the professional game, whether thats with us or not. Doesn't look natural at LB at all
  4. He was very good for the U21s tonight. Much better than the other centre midfielders
  5. We can't really afford to get rid of promising English players so I doubt he'll be sold. He'll come in and challenge. Don't forget he can also do a job on the right too
  6. Watched both games, Chalobah was outstanding. So much class on the ball but got really stuck in. Looked better than Coquelin
  7. The problem with playing Mikel is that he's been out for god knows how long. The pace of the game might be too fast for him to handle considering his last minutes haven't been for some time. In that respect, zouma would be the better option
  8. Cech Ivanovic Cahill Terry Cole Lampard Matic Salah Oscar Schurrle Ba
  9. We can rotate most of the front 6 at least. Back five picks itself. Then: Ramires Matic Salah Oscar Schurrle Torres
  10. Operated in a deeper role today and was quality once again. Hard to believe he's only 20 with his physique and technique. If PSG came in with a big money offer for Oscar, I would love to see Barkley replace him. Great game
  11. I fucking love having a quality squad. So many players deserve to start this one. Hope Jose goes for: Cech Ivanovic Luiz Terry Bertrand Ramires Mikel Mata Oscar Willian Torres
  12. He was bloody brilliant
  13. One thing which you have to remember is the politics in the Madrid dressing room which meant that Ronaldo virtually HAD to play majority of games (as well as being one of the best in the world). We don't have this problem at Chelsea with any of our AMs so I think we'll see much more effective rotation in the attacking midfield positions, with all of them getting enough minutes. Out of those 9 players, Ba will suffer though unless there is an injury. In midfield, obviously Essien will be the one who doesn't play as much and I think Lampard will start to be used less and less as the season progr
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