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  1. Havertz at #9 and Werner a little behind-left, with Mount behind them worked good. I don't know why he changed that for such a big game. Also, Kepa being cup GK is bullshit to me. I don't know if Mendy would have saved that goal, but nevertheless. Totally agree on Alonso. We looked retarded on WB. Tuchel has some questions to answer. It would be crazy to play THAT good against Real/Porto first game/Atletico and then finish season with no trophies and barely getting into top 4 (that's my prediction of how season would end).
  2. Am I the only one confused of why Ziyech played from start? I am questioning choice of playing Kepa and Alonso too. Also, Azpi on RWB against clearly inferior team? I get that he wanted James to cover fast player in Vardy, but Azpi did fuck all in attack. Questioning Tuchel tbh. And Jorginho, my word, he was awful. Not just this game, he is awful for at least a month. So much wrong passes and lost possession. But I get it, we have no back up for him, Kova is not ready yet.
  3. We are nothing without Kovačić - Jorginho midfield. Kante spent too much time on the ball, it's like Leeds were content with him trying fuck all with it.
  4. I think our Saints setup was first of all too defensive. After that there were some players that were clearly awful and should've gone out before 65'. I can't understand leaving Alonso on the pitch. CHO was not so good, but if he maybe tried him at LWB it would give him needed kick and more space to get in the game. Also, switching to 4-2-3-1 would not be crazy too - bring Chilly for Alonso and bring Ziyech (on right wing) for James/Azpi, switch CHO to left wing. Alonso was just plain terrible. Zouma would be better in 4-2-3-1 too, and with Kante in the team, why not? If he decided t
  5. In 3-4-3 from front 3 only Mount shows promise, all others are not good enough. Especially Pulisic, Ziyech and Havertz; Werner and Abraham have a good game sometimes. We will still be dependent on our midfield masterclass from Kova and even Jorginho.
  6. I'm pretty sure it's 3-4-3 with Emerson as LB, Alonso LWB. Hope it's 4-2-3-1 with Emerson on right, but I doubt it.
  7. Ugly ugly win and very careful approach by Tuchel. I'll take it of course, but hoping to see more attacking players involved. I miss Ziyech and Pulisic. Really hope Kante can up his game and when Silva returns to maybe switch to 4-2-3-1...
  8. Problem for me is not Chelsea not winning the title this season, I never expected that. But Spurs being first brings whole new dimension for me, for fucks sake, just can't stand that shit.
  9. Has shit options on the bench tbh. Poslano sa mog Redmi Note 8 Pro koristeći Tapatalk
  10. It's time for Kai to step up. He wasted some good chances. Poslano sa mog Redmi Note 8 Pro koristeći Tapatalk
  11. Mourinho saying they are not happy with a point, but setting whole tactic way too secure and defensive - exactly what usually leads to 0-0 games. Yeah... and I'm not happy because I am getting wet, who cares that I am jumping in the puddle.
  12. Have we all given up on Werner as a striker? I mean, I get that we have great crossers in team so having Abraham/Giroud maybe makes sense, but come on... Havertz and Pulisic are fit, let's try them with Timo upfront.
  13. Werner looked classy, Havertz not so much. Hoping to see him at #10 soon. But, good thing about him - he really pressed them and worked hard in defense, stole a lot of balls. Also, James will be player of the season, I hope.
  14. Exactly. I have a good feeling about this potential transfer.
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