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  2. 22. Willian

    God yes. If we could take a promising player from them for Willian it wouldn't even matter if we received money. We'd simply contribute to their continual downfall even more, which is worth at least 100m.
  3. Today
  4. Richarlison

    Not all of us. I've seen exactly what I expected to see from Kenney.
  5. Yesterday
  6. 22. Willian

    I say we chuck them £40m + Willian in return for Shaw and Martial.
  7. Richarlison

    I’d have him at LWB.
  8. The English Football Thread

    As I posted earlier West Ham fans are such uber twats. https://www.msn.com/en-gb/news/uknews/police-have-issued-a-warning-to-west-ham-united-supporters-after-a-fan-called-999-to-report-the-teams-poor-performance/ar-BBFl1gx?li=AAnZ9Ug&ocid=U305DHP
  9. Chelsea are in the running to sign Real Madrid starlet Marco Asensio, according to Don Balon. As per Don Balon, Asensio is growing frustrated at the Santiago Bernabeu. The Spain international has showcased his supreme talent and potential time and time again for Los Blancos – yet Zinedine Zidane continues to starve him of opportunities. […]View the full article
  10. Dennis Wise

    Nice to see he can get the other contestants meal tickets... as well as doing this
  11. Qarabag v Chelsea

    Had no idea they were undefeated. Somewhat impressive. It says a lot still though, that this is apparently Sevilla's worst season in 5+ years, yet they're only 2 points behind Atletico. I wonder if people on here would still take Simeone should Conte get hit by an Italian gelato truck. It feels like slowly, Atletico are reverting to the level they were when they had a young Aguero & old Forlan up front. Potential, but not great.
  12. 22. Willian

    The only place you could even think maybe is if we reverted to 3412 and he was Hazard's back up behind the strikers, but even if we did that hypothetical formation change i'd rather give that spot to Ruben when he returns.
  13. Qarabag v Chelsea

    They weren't great but they certainly were better than a lot of teams that beat United at Old Trafford down the years, so there was always that element of risk.
  14. Qarabag v Chelsea

    At the risk of contradicting myself here, Schalke were so average back then and United had good backups for the rotation. We don't have them. Take Morata, Hazard and even Fabregas out, we will be devoid of any attacking threat.
  15. 22. Willian

    Where would Mata even play in this formation? My best guess would be in Cesc's place in a 3-5-2, but even there I would rather Drinkwater than him, not because he's a better player but because he fits better.
  16. Qarabag v Chelsea

    Course it was, if Schalke opened the scoring at Old Trafford on the night then United were clinging on with the b team out.
  17. 22. Willian

    No thanks, Mata isn't even half the player he was in 2012 and even that version would struggle for games under Conte.
  18. Qarabag v Chelsea

    Ironic thing is despite Atletico's struggles, we are still the only team to have beaten them in all comps this season.
  19. Qarabag v Chelsea

    Considering they already had a 2-0 away lead from the first leg, not sure Fergie rotating players for the second leg can be considered a calculated risk.
  20. 22. Willian

    Willian for Mata and Shaw. Win-win deal for everyone
  21. The English Football Thread

    Have you seen the current market? 50m is considered value nowadays
  22. Lucas Moura

    Fair enough. Signing still scares me though... he seems to struggle with the final touch assists and all. The league is fairly weak as well and just don’t enjoy his game tbh. There is a reason psg is no longer betting on him.
  23. The English Football Thread

    Rationally? Nearly every player they buy now is £50m. Sterling, KDB, Walker, Stones, Mendy. Rose & Van Dijk would be around that each. They'll probably still want Sanchez, too.
  24. Lionel Messi wants Barcelona to sign Eden Hazard instead of Antoine Griezmann and Phillipe Coutinho The La Liga side may make a move for Hazard in the new year READ MORE: (Images) Blues players in high spirits en-route to Azerbaijan Fuel keeps adding to speculation of Eden Hazard moving to Spain in the near future. […]View the full article
  25. West Brom - Chelsea

    Bookmark this page: https://www.reddit.com/r/footballhighlights/ It has highlights and full games without spoilers. It also has very quick uploads of MOTD and other special shows.
  26. The English Football Thread

    They are spending more rationally now that's giving them a pass. 5 players for £250m instead of PSG's route & they actually made a profit IIRC.
  27. Chelsea face Qarabag in crucial Champions League clash on Wednesday Alvaro Morata, Thibaut Courtois and Antonio Rudiger among those in a joyful mood READ MORE: Chelsea suffer blow in hopes to sign Serie A defender Chelsea has just left England as the club head to Azerbaijan in preparation for the match against Qarabag. A win […]View the full article
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