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  2. Chelsea Ladies

    Yeah, very emotional for me. I've met her personally a couple of times, including the church I go to. Aluko introduced me to Women's football. What's worse I couldn't travel to Liverpool to see her final game (however I've been eyeballing the updates). 2-0 down, then they rose up to beat Pool Ladies 2-3. Including a Aluko goal and a brilliant equaliser from Ji. Stuff of champions. These Ladies haven't let me down (well, actually several times but as not as much) ever since I started supporting them in 2015. What a way to finish the season unbeaten. WHAT. A. WAY.
  3. Maurizio Sarri drops biggest hint to date that he could leave Napoli. Sarri has been linked with Chelsea as Antonio Conte’s replacement. READ MORE: English side ‘set to launch £100M move for Chelsea winger’ Maurizio Sarri has dropped the biggest hint yet that he could leave Napoli this summer, amid speculation that he could be […]View the full article
  4. 10. Eden Hazard

    The touch from Cesc's pass was absolute world class and the way he runs across Jones and then shields the ball was beautiful. We cannot let him go.
  5. Chelsea - Man Utd

    Absolutely buzzing still from Saturday. Didn't think it was a great final but winning was the only thing that mattered.
  6. 22. Willian

    What a fucking stupid kid
  7. Manchester City plotting £100M summer move for Eden Hazard. Hazard is set to sign a contract extension with Chelsea. READ MORE: Courtois sends message to Chelsea board about Conte Eden Hazard to Manchester City? Silly season really is upon us… There can be no denying that Hazard’s future is a grave concern of ours. He’s […]View the full article
  8. Chelsea owner Roman Abramovich currently without a U.K visa. Abramovich’s U.K visa expired three weeks ago and hasn’t been renewed. Tensions between Russia and England are currently strained. READ MORE: Courtois sends message to Chelsea board about Conte Chelsea owner Roman Abramovich is currently without a U.K visa, according to the BBC. Abramovich purchased Chelsea […]View the full article
  9. Today
  10. 22. Willian

    Classless child.
  11. Ciro Immobile

    We need all 3 mate. IMO pririty is shit hot B2B partner for our wee baldy man, a upgrade on Willi and a striker rthat can run thru the box. Then look at a Upgrade on Moses and Cahill;/Andreas.
  12. Ciro Immobile

    He's hada real good season for Lazio our number one priority this summer should be is buying a quality midfielder not a striker
  13. Chelsea - Man Utd

    And seems latest is to put whole cip on their heads!
  14. Chelsea - Man Utd

    not only that but also drinking champaign out of the cup, our old guard used to do it often
  15. Chelsea - Man Utd

    during 1st half mate, must have been something i ate and add to that i was nervous before this game, thank God we managed to pull it off in the end
  16. Ciro Immobile

    I just wish there was Youtubes to show players weaknesses too. Was only considering Italians to come over with Sarri lol
  17. Ciro Immobile

    I haven't seen him play, and those are great numbers. Sometimes guys move too early and don't make a mark. Then their star gets a little dull and they go under the radar. Seems like he's on that path.
  18. Ciro Immobile

    Scored 41with 11 assists in 47 games tho this season. Younger than Lewa. Looks clever and nippy too.
  19. Ciro Immobile

    He was a hot commodity a while back, but didn't do much at Dortmund, if I recall. He was Lewandoski's replacement, I think.
  20. Ciro Immobile

    I'm wondering how Immobile would go down? Cant deny he scores alot of goals in Italy.
  21. Michy Batshuayi

    Chelsea striker Michy Batshuayi ends season as Blues top scorer in the FA Cup despite leaving in January... and fan has to tell him via Twitter: 'Really? Didn't even know' http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sport/football/article-5750171/Chelsea-striker-Michy-Batshuayi-FA-Cup-scorer-didnt-know.html
  22. Politics & Stuff

    Ive already opened a book on which bridge will be the 'crash' Thats the look of pure hatred - or shes got piles!
  23. Who will be the next Chelsea manager?

    Hints emerge to signal the end of Maurizio Sarri’s tenure at Napoli https://weaintgotnohistory.sbnation.com/2018/5/21/17374432/maurizio-sarri-napoli-aurelio-de-laurentiis-transfer-rumour-report-interview-quotes-update Still tho - WHOEVER takes over (IF anyone does) we will be in the same shite at the end of next season if e dont get the right players.
  24. 10. Eden Hazard

    Transfer Talk: Man City to splash on Eden Hazard; Man United plot £250m overhaul http://www.espn.co.uk/football/blog/transfer-talk/79/post/3505627/transfer-talk-manchester-city-to-splash-on-eden-hazard-manchester-united-plot-250m-overhaul
  25. Who will be the next Chelsea manager?

    He was working in the international division of Banca Monte dei Paschi. I don't think they would hire people who don't speak any foreign language for that department. What I read is he used to travel to those countries for work and most finance people in Frankfurt, Luxemburg and Switzerland can speak English.
  26. Who will be the next Chelsea manager?

    It was more likely 15-20 years ago, was doing some digging from an article from 2014, says it was not just London he had worked in as a banker, lists that he had worked in other countries in Europe such as Germany, Luxembourg and Switzerland also. Not sure it also means he can speak all the languages linked with those countries which is what people seem to be under the impression based on his previous work 15-20 years ago.
  27. Who will be the next Chelsea manager?

    His englisht is quite good. He worked as a bankier in London couple years ago.
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