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  1. Kounde has the Reece James type build. He isn't getting bullied out of anything. How many times has James surprised a hulking CF with his strength and had them back off? I counted plenty last season, and Kounde plays very much the same way. Looks incredible on the ball. The best I've seen from all these "ball playing" CB's we've ever been linked to. Exciting transfer.
  2. Adama was often double covered last season. On a team like ours, you cant accomplish that because you leave Werner, Pulisic, and all the other speed demons loose. Yes, many flaws are present, but someone with those physical attributes would thrive in limited time or a WB role. Open matches up completely using pace and physicality.
  3. It is always nice watching a striker highlight video and not being able to identify which foot is his strong foot. Looks like a very tidy player, great movement, who will surely get better.
  4. I don't get the hate for Traore. Saw the same thing for Douglas Costa prior to him going to Bayern, where people were saying he isn't good enough, and doesn't do enough on the pitch. Traore has never played in a team that is great at keeping the ball, gives him opportunity to link up properly, nor make the most of his talents. he has the ability to beat 4 or 5 players in a run and spark attacks on his own. Not only that, when he does get past people, he will be distributing to top class players, and not the hacks he is used to playing with. Speed kills in this league. Traore i
  5. Depay is going to Barcelona? If not, would be great to nab him as well.
  6. Why are you always so angry? Settle mate. Can someone point out the negatives to me about getting a player like Traore really cheap? Is he not an ideal backup at RWB? These speed merchants thrive in good to great teams. They are on a team that has more of the ball, that is able to find space for them better, and they are usually given one to two things to do in a game and not overcomplicate things. Traore is the fastest player to ever step foot on a football pitch. He would do more good than bad for us, particularly against tired legs.
  7. I would take Adama every day of the week here. If we are going to be sticking to a 5 at the back system, he is perfect for a second string team, or to bring on against tired legs. He is the type of guy that will play better and be far more useful on a better team too. Ideal player for flat track bully style or to get you out of a tight situation at times.
  8. Surely us winning does wonders for attracting some of the top talent. Will make a few of these top tier players who were on the fence really sit back and think. We have won the most trophies out of any English club over the last 20 years. Essentially, if you want to win, the best bet is Chelsea. Granted, during that time we haven't always played the prettiest football in the league and we had seasons where we grinded things out, but we do win. Sancho would be great. Haaland I don't think is a possibility for us, but, certainly a few other top talents will now take not
  9. He needs to finish, and score goals. But he does all the right things on the field and creates so many opportunities. We need him to be more consistent, because he is one of the keys for us becoming a great team. We are a nightmare for anyone on any given night due to him and our pace and mobility up front, but for us to dominate teams, he and a few others need to start taking their chances.
  10. Thought he was brilliant when he came on. His tight dribbling allowed us to carry the ball up the field a bit more and take some of the constant pressure off in the second half.
  11. I'm not sold until he wins two or three CL's. Lets not get ahead of ourselves.
  12. This kid isn't as laid back as everyone thinks. He showed that against Real going at some of their players and not afraid to get in their faces. Same with City tonight. We need a bit of that. He was incredible tonight. Calm. He is. Laid back and care free. Nope. What a player. These last 10 games are really a reflection of his true level and he is only getting started.
  13. So is Tuchel the best manager ever in the PL now? Or do we still go on about Pep? lol... Tuchel seems to have a pretty nice record against him.
  14. Agreed. I guess regardless of anything else he has already proved himself now. You can't take away a MOTM performance in a CL final. And for all of those who say he is non chalant and doesn't care, he was giving the City players hell, pushing and talking shit after they just got rid of the ball. He has that drive and style to his game.
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