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  1. What makes them weaker? They are still ahead of us in the table, and will be if we dont beat them tuesday
  2. When he is bad he is really bad. Like, horrible.
  3. We are going to thrash them tuesday. Just pick the right side.
  4. I dont feel too mad. Tuchel picked the wrong side You HAVE to start puli You HAVE to start Chilwell
  5. You speak such blasphemy while Kante walks this earth
  6. Bellerin on for saka. They arent even pretending not to be in bus parking mode now. Kai off for Giroud....he needed to score in the first half.
  7. Jorginho is the reason we are losing, but even then Gilmour didnt really cover himself in glory in the first half.
  8. We lost the discipline at the end.
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