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  1. Tammy cant even get to the bench now....and hes our top scorer. I dont get Tuchel.
  2. You are the company you keep I suppose.....Its a bad look for the face of the national team to be liking that. It wasnt "ANTIFA" who stormed our nations capital 2 months ago. Football/Soccer is an upper middle class sport here, but the fanbase of most MLS teams(and the loud national team by proxy) are left leaning people who find themselves outcast and uncomfortable around the types that picture represents, and whos more likely to be found at NFL, Nascar, and MLB events.
  3. Tuchel just said thats not true in the post match. Said he has to make hard decisions and Tammy didnt make it.
  4. Didnt realize City was so far ahead in the table. The league is surely won for them. bruno doesnt look too happy.
  5. This has been a historically bad performance from Ziyech.
  6. No reason to take CHO off. He keeps picking on him.
  7. Looking at the highlights I actually think Kante has been doing fine on Bruno. Pretty much marking him out the game. I think they have much more power in the midfield if he comes off.
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