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  1. One thing that desperately needs reminding is how average all of our CB's are in a back 4 (bar Silva). Not going to let this change in system that protects our back line immensely, sway my perception again. Some could even be argued are mid table level. An Elite CB is still needed, preferably Konate. Sell Zouma. Keep those on loan still on loan.
  2. Against a high line. Won't see anything like that tonight.
  3. We also naively played into their hands.
  4. Mendy Thiago Silva----Christensen-----Rudiger CHO-------------Jorginho---------Kovacic--------------Chilwell Mount Giroud---Pulisic
  5. Hope its true. Will be between us and Arsenal then. I know who'd I fancy...
  6. Because every system can be exploitable, especially one that is as strict is this. Tuchel is not known for sticking with a certain formation. What he is doing, or at least I hope he is doing, is building the foundation from the back. Doing the temporary fix to get the team performing again. The great thing about this temporary fix, is that we are still playing progressive football with the possession game Tuchel wants. So we are still on the right path.
  7. The good news is that our chance creation is slowly getting better since Tuchel first arrived. Our team dynamic in attack is finally building an understanding. There are still issues however, as last night Kante missed a glorious through ball to Werner that would've had him one on one with Allison, and then Mount again in the 2nd half missing another through ball to Werner and instead played it wide. Hopefully this gets analyzed and sorted fully. Just pick your damn head up lads.
  8. @Jason Must of been a breath of fresh air for you seeing Jorginho finally playing lobbed passes to Werner.
  9. Right but I'm not going to pretend Andreas is all of a sudden ridden of his defensive liabilities. We saw the same thing under Conte with these defenders + David Luiz. It protects them immensely. We still need another elite CB to partner Silva once Tuchel starts playing a back 4 again. Zouma does look likely the one to be sent off.
  10. Biggest difference for me was both Jorginho and Kante making space for themselves to receive a pass from the back line. Small but very crucial patterns of play implemented since Tuchel arrived. we were all worried that this wouldn't work under Liverpool's press, but we managed to get by even without Kovacic. This was virtually non existent under Lampard.
  11. Let's not get too overboard. We saw the same thing under Conte. Dave, Rudiger, Christensen, and Alonso have probably benefited the most in this change of system. Play those same defenders in a back 4, they will go from looking like Ferrari's to Ford KA's
  12. Quite confident about this. We naïvely played into their hands the first fixture. Tuchel has brought control within the team again and I can't honestly see Everton getting a sniff. Just a matter of if we convert our chances.
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