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  1. Broja is so raw. If he masters his qualities he could be such a huge asset.
  2. Ruben with the touch of a donkey and Barkley leaving Gallagher completely isolated.
  3. Our best player on the pitch is Barkley. Relax.
  4. Complains far too much for a bloke who can never connect to any ball delivered to him.
  5. Why does CHO persist on never striking the ball?
  6. Abeit surprised how well and comfortable he looked in that holding role.
  7. Tbf Bobby Zamora did mug off Cannavaro quite bad.
  8. Seems this is 50/50 split among fans.
  9. There were warning signs with Bakayoko (his lack of technical ability) but in all seriousness, it feels like some dark magic is at play with him. Bloke doesn't even know how to control a ball anymore.
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