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  1. Still, I'm afraid that with Lamps we would have none of those finals and tough fight for 10th place in PL…
  2. Just read Salah is Tuchel's target, like Chelsea is known for buying players once sold, lol. Also, Polish media suggest Szczęsny may be going back to Arsenal if Leno leaves and Donnaruma joins Juve.
  3. Still feel that Tuhel's input in this situation doesn't get enough praise
  4. No word of it in any news I can find
  5. Yasss, what a night, what a story! Glad to be here today with all you guys and gals today!
  6. Mendy is really on Cech-mode, distribution included, lol
  7. James pumped to come on while we should be wasting time, lol
  8. Havertz is gassed, not good, but understandable
  9. Focus focus focus now, don't do typical Chels pls
  10. If anyone thinks Hazard was purposely fouled, look at those cunts and Puli
  11. Ok, for Kante I'll allow it, but Havertz was there also, stupid pass
  12. Will someone finally get sent off, or real is protected since 150 minutes?
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