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  1. Feel like he should pay compensation of those 200 k multiplied to Tuchel if he leaves for making him the player he is. Let's not forget most of us wanted him gone not so long ago. Anyway his mentality had always been rather explosive and controversial, so no surprise with this shithousery.
  2. Ziyech not looking very sharp tbh
  3. I always wanted to see Koulibaly play for us, but I guess this train is gone until he is 35 and signs on free, lol
  4. So… He went to defend his player since ref wasn't very keen to because 'zlatan'?
  5. Let's not forget that along downward slope since when he shined under Sarri, his mentality seems to be questionable; Bayern situation was handled stinky by him and his management, forced big contract afterwards, allegedly didn't work too well in Cobham + very serious allegations and arrest, fortunately dropped later, but cmon, he was supposed to be a figure of academy talent, not another Barkley-esque story…
  6. I'm not convinced Russian league is a great place to develop a player… I guess the club is rather looking to exercise buyout clause here
  7. I wonder how came Drinkwater found his place and Barkley was left behind? I guess DD's salary is higher and footballing quality bit worse, than Barkley's…
  8. Don't forget that while Zouma is out, Chalobah is in, so numbers stay say and hopefully our academy grad will get some chances
  9. Brightest point is that club done much needed cleanup and it's another window when we see sensible business done, without much dreaded panic buys. Still feel some deficiency because of Kondue as it would be a step towards building solid defense in near future, when Silva is gone, but I guess our management and analitics staff know their way.
  10. I can already hear the outcry here if he won't magically rebuild his form in the airplane and hit the ground running here. The club gambled on suqad player and some people expect him to score goals and totally change our midfield; Well, isn't Atleti letting him go cause he is kind of not performing? Good business, but way too high expectations.
  11. Aren't RLC and Barkley backup plan for our midfield? They were not send on loan, even though it would be probably quite doable, when Saul comes, what's the use for them? U23?
  12. As per Arsenal announcement, WIllian's contract terminated by mutual consent and he is headed to Corinthians. Turbulent ending of interesting career
  13. Not very impressed with apparently zero incomings besides Big Rom, but keeping fingers crossed for NO last minute panic buys tomorrow, hope the club has learned something from the past.
  14. Sky commentators would love love Liverpool to win, wouldn't they?
  15. He was supposed to be there "partly due to personal reasons" as press reported
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