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  1. Don't want to be a hater, I respect all the good stuff he did, but couldn't be less bothered about him leaving. I feel like some people started to believe the marketing spiel of his management and convinced themselves he's top tier CB. Yeah, in one very particular formation under one very particular manager, given he's having a good day. Until recently, a massive part of this board wanted him to go for years, he had massive flops and rather fussy mentality often. And all this saga was only about the money, not the takeover bs or sport reasons. I respect that, but even more couldn't ca
  2. Looks like they heard the positive feedback for our "retro" cup kit and decided to go full retro in a worst understanding of this word possible. I mean wtf is this, collar apart, it looks like bad kit template for FIFA 2014. I liked the fact we transitioned to Nike but since few seasons we are riddled with most effortless, uninspired and generic stuff possible, both kits and merch wise.
  3. Yeah, finally some enjoyable news, well done
  4. This. No matter where he plays and if he even does at all. Business-wise this is tempting to say at least, Saul failed, he may as well do well. (even if personally I'm not a fan of buying players with his mentality and work ethic)
  5. Brace for constant stream of loses and draws, unless of course they play Chelsea, play for their lives and we loose points, obviously, lol
  6. I guess PSG and Real could pull this kind of deal, because of why not. Would me a more reasonable direction for him imo. There was a time when he could silence the naysayers and prove himself in PL. Now the risk of flopping and ruining the legend is quite high, while in La Liga, let alone L1, he'll do no problem. Chelsea, except panic buys time, seems to prefer discount deals, this isn't really one of them.
  7. Where does interest in him come from? I don't recall Chelsea being much after people of his mentality, that screams discipline and work ethic problems + he's constantly injured. Imo it's very non-Chelesa kind of signing idea. Guess the agents are doing good job here, lol
  8. Well, Kepa is pinnacle of panic buys, but I wouldn't call it the worst transfer. Given the situation and economy at the time, yes, he was ridiculously expensive, club paid all sorts of premiums on him, but I don't recall anyone hyping him up as the best GK ever like in cases of Werner or Havertz. Actually, I wonder what kind of scouting or analytics backed Kepa up, as his stats were so-so. Pressure was extraordinary and he actually did quite well at the start and then just fell apart, but remember he wasn't the only one in team to do so at the time. His mistakes were spectacular, lou
  9. Well, he plays well and is rather useful given all the absences, so I can understand he gambles harder. Been here basically entire career, been bashed for years, can understand he may feel burnt out and stronger positioned since he has his 5 minutes now…
  10. Looking at all this contract drama and well… Don't get me wrong, I have a great sympathy for all Chelsea players, but 2 or 3 years ago I doubt a lot of folks would bat an eye for Rudiger and/or Christensen leaving, hell, it would be welcome for them to leave to make space for top CMs. Now we are desperate to keep them. Does it mean they developed like crazy or does it show or transfer policy lacks ambition or basically sucks?
  11. I'll laugh so hard if all that Haaland to RM or wherever will end up with Hazard-kind of flop there. Moves are getting more and more expensive, yet the times of surefire transfers are ending, as leagues and football as a whole is advancing. We'll see what comes out of it, the pressure is one of the biggest ever I guess.
  12. Wasn't it reported that Real claimed it's fake and they are not interested? If he leaves on free, he's useful, but chances that he'll shine like he does under Tuchel are slim and top clubs know it. He has the time of his life now, but let's not forget he was never considered top defender and hardly anyone was trying to take him over from us, for a reason.
  13. Yeah, I'm quite amazed by some of You guys thinking that club will throw 100 million asset out because of the interview, that in all translations we have sounds like some meaningless bs from someone who had a stroke. It had been said many times - a lot of footballers are not very intelectual types, this guy can as well be a total knobhead, we don't know what he was aiming for, but he is still an expensive and potentially useful asset we won't throw away because of some strangely understood pride. He didn't say he hates this club and deserves better or anything.
  14. What the heck is happening in this guy's head, can't believe this, prime shithousery here.
  15. Entering the decisive phase, just don't crumble now and it will be a passable game.
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