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  1. We were better side no matter what, so finally we did our job and won. And it's a massive win. Plus, be it Tuchel or not, we finally get to see individual players actually IMPROVING instead of constant decline, so yeah, good stuff today.
  2. When started trying to control the match, we've suddenly lost any control at all, lol
  3. Tuchel makes me happy to see a manager being alive on the sideline finally, xD
  4. Timo unluckiness / inability to finish is starting to get comedic, don't think it will work well for his self-esteem and another humble post-match talk won't change anything
  5. We got lucky, Kante should know what to do with his hands in such situation, damn
  6. Still hoping for Werner to make a break here as it won't get much easier in terms of chances for him it seems…
  7. Meh, another absolutely winnable game, that will end in 0-0 at best, if we get lucky
  8. Well, not a long time ago we'd be shaking being quite sure we'll get beaten by United, now people are fuming because we don't lead yet - that's a positive sign after all
  9. I'm getting the flashbacks before my very eyes every match where commentators are calling Kante Conte
  10. Have to admit I'm impressed how Tuchel manages the dumpster fire we are right now
  11. Their diving is just pitiful, what a circus
  12. Kova would be out of next match if he got yellow, and with this ref, he would
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