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  1. Oh guys your all super cute Thanks a mill, I haven't been on this in yonks! All is well apart from Chelsea getting 'hammered' (See what I did there ) Our club is going as loopy as me, honest to god what is happening in the world. Anyways all aboard the raf ride! X
  2. Hoping Sturridge will start this game, he was great when he came on against Reading.
  3. Welcome Azi! Delighted with this. Now the defenders have a bitta competition.
  4. He will probably just call me a Chelsea Whore using his sexy french angry tone of voice.
  5. https://twitter.com/skalhuno/status/229720367680339968 We're basically going to get married.
  6. They want Carvalho - I don't think I can take anymore heart break. p.s AVB's a sap, I changed my mind.
  7. I joined!! Join my league too 'You know what you are' http://fantasy.premierleague.com/my-leagues/77796/join/?autojoin-code=271725-77796
  8. Like I said, he has a big mouth so if it makes him feel better talking shite then whatever! Doesn't bother me what he has to say, all I care about is us beating them on the pitch, not the war of words!
  9. This was always going to happen, he has gone to our rivals so no one should of been expecting anything better than what he has to say. He can hardly be nice about Chelsea after everything and if he did have something good to say he would be ridiculed by the Spurs fans before he even got started. I think it would of been different if there was a bit more time between him being sacked and taking the Spurs job. He has a big mouth and if it makes him feel better talking shite about Chelsea then so be it! Can't wait for us to play Spurs, 3 points is all that matters. I really couldn't give a flying
  10. Poor Flo Mo, it's time for him to go! He was woeful at times this season but I love everyone! Amazing season under Ancelotti. Hope he has success wherever he goes!
  11. I was in stab city that day, its a dangerous place, sounds hilar but oh so serious. Totes ridic.
  12. Delighted, passed my exams with flying colours and my Anelka jersey arrived today!
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