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  1. This image says it all Sent from my LG-VS985 using Tapatalk
  2. Come on Saitama be easy on the guy - I don't want to see you punch him & crush him
  3. I just caught the highlights of Betis vs 'boro - Young Charlie was very active & energetic - he didn't start but when he arrived he showed a lot of flair & creativity - interesting on how his career will develop w/ CFC
  4. now CFC are warning AM about attempting to unsettle Costa. IMHO CFC have treated AM with the utmost respect. Remember when the two played against each other in the UCL a couple years ago? AM were using Tibo as their #1 & CFC allowed them let him play. Still AM shows no respect back to CFC. Really starting to dislike this club.
  5. how often have we heard these rumors from Spanish fish wraps? freakin' all of the time, but yet I haven't seen DC that bitter playing in London. I guess these fish wraps need to sell their papers so they print rubbish all of the time. Remember when Barca was playing AM in the UCL & the Spanish papers were printing that Messi went to Milan for rehab? Not sure why anyone would pay attention to the Spanish media.
  6. robdog

    Joe Cole

    just to follow-up w/ your post - a video of the actual goal - excellent bit of skill by Joey C
  7. robdog

    Kurt Zouma

    I am convinced that Young Kurt is a Saiyan Offspring - I can't wait to he achieves Super Saiyan level
  8. robdog

    Kurt Zouma

    read rumors that Kurt was taking part in training today @ Cobham. Even getting some tackles in. This is the best evidence that I could come up with:
  9. Yep sign him up - break the bank if you have to - dude is totally worth it
  10. yes this guy today vs Iceland showed why he is worth 50 mil - it's because the EPL is totally over-rated
  11. I had to requote this statement here - I read on The ShedEnd board that Palmer made Jones look like an absolute muppet. Again going in line your statement that our youth has done good, I guess the draw was undeserving.
  12. Sorry to derail the thread from the prospect of purchasing Phil Jones, but I do get excited about Chelsea Youth. Uncle Guus was saying today that CFC should take advantage of the Wealth coming from the academy "When you have an Academy like Chelsea has for a long time, it's not easy but you must give the players the chance to step up. That's what we are doing in the second part of the season." - Guus Hiddink
  13. Don't forget Young Matt. IMHO he is a great US prospect & I was happy to see CFC buy him
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