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  1. Absolutely beautiful farewell to Didier, another 45 until that trophy is lifted. KTBFFH!
  2. Blackman and Cuadrado deserve a run IMO.
  3. Given a chance I think Cuadrado can do some great things, I see it in him.
  4. I couldn't agree with you more, HOWEVER, I felt he really shined that day in Munich, easily he's best performance for the club.
  5. Reminds of me our 10/11 home kit, coincidentally, our last home kit to feature gold premier league patches
  6. Man its good to be back on TC after..god knows how long! Key to our success tonight is just push and push and push, constant pressure on mc's defence. Go for the attack.
  7. Rest either Iva or Cahill and give Bertrand or Azpi a run
  8. Amazing turn around by the boys, title worthy football. UTC!
  9. The boys look really ... uninterested, lack of motivation, etc
  10. On a serious note, great win on the road, squad still needs a bit of work but it's a great start. Composure is first on the list for me personally. Hats off to FT and Juan on their efforts. Top of the league AND havin' a laugh. Great feeling to beat the gooners! :-)
  11. All the Arsenal fans on Facebook are having the usual cry. "Lost against a pack of c*nts, racists, cheats, etc'. IMO, it doesn't really Mata.
  12. Until a quality striker is introduced into the starting XI, or Sturridge gets his game up and scores on a regular basis, then Torres it is. I have mixed emotions for the bloke. Frustrated yes, but it's not AS simple as "getting rid of". Que all the hate from the pro's explaining how I'm wrong.... NOW. (P.S: That was pure sarcasm, give less than a fuck if anyone thinks i'm wrong, my opinion is my opinion.)
  13. All in all good work by the lads. Unlucky to concede the two goals. Take note: offside trap doesn't work for us, and it cost us 3 points IMO. Hats off to Oscar, what a champion.
  14. Why would you wish that? Fucking flog you are mate.
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