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  1. Honestly a loan in the Premier League is long overdue for Ruben, he needs to get out there playing games every week to move on with his development.
  2. Love this show so much. Every season has a different feel to it which keeps it going. Last season was hard to watch at some points but it was a very good season. I watched these series back to back so they all sort of bleed into one for me but I loved when they were in the prison dealing with the Govenor. It is real quality television
  3. The only time you can judge the board and what they have done at the very least is when the transfer window is closed. These days more than ever the transfer speculation is a mixture of actual news, reporters drawing attention to themselves and clubs and players using the media for their own agenda. For all we now we have a number of deals tied up and are waiting for any number of reasons to announce them. Personally I will decide on the boards abaility this summer once everything is done on the transfers.
  4. As always this is a multi level question. Yes it is true that young players have a very difficult route into our first team. But that is true for pretty much every team. We have a high level of expectation because our academy is talked about a lot and it is very successful but the fact is the route is hard. There is no real competitive bridge from U18's to first team. If you look at the article on the CFC website from Neil Bath at the moment he is saying exactly this and more players will start going out on loan to get professional football experience at a younger age. Our academy is
  5. Below is the U18's fixtures, results and highlights for the season 2013/2014. Also below is the goalscorers for the season: July 2012: Saturday 13th July 2013: v Brighton & Hove Albion (H)(F) Won 2 - 0 Saturday 20th July 2013: v Bayern Munich (A)(F) Won 3 - 1 Saturday 27th July 2013: v Stevenage (H)(F) Won 3 - 2 Wednesday 31st July 2013: v Derby County (H)(F) Won 3 - 1 August 2013: Saturday 3rd August 2013: v Bristol City (H)(F) Won 2 - 1 Saturday 17th August 2013: v Sunderland (H) Won 3 - 0 Saturday 24th August 2013: v West Ham United (H) 11:00am Tuesday 27th August 2013: v Norwich Cit
  6. Below is the U21's fixtures, results and highlights for the season 2013/2014. Also below is the goalscorers for the season: July 2012: Sunday 14th July 2013: v Philadelphia Union U23's (A)(F) Draw 1 - 1 Monday 15th July 2013: v New York Red Bulls (A)(F) Won 2 - 0 Tuesday 23rd July 2013: v Sutton United (A)(F) Won 4 - 0 Highlights: http://t.co/emfHxlYUE2 Saturday 27th July 2013: v Colwyn Bay (A)(F) Won 5 - 1 Tuesday 30th July 2013: v Ilkeston (A)(F) Won 5 - 1 August 2013: Saturday 3rd August 2013: v Wealdstone (A)(F) Won 4 - 1 Tuesday 6th August 2013: v Hendon (A)(F) Won 2 - 0 Highlights: ht
  7. When Chelsea signed up to the NextGen series they signed up for 2 years. So next year Chelsea will compete in BOTH the NextGen Series and the UEFA U19's CL. The UEFA version is only for the team qualified for the CL. 2 very different competitions and at youth level things are very different, just looking at the Semi Finals of the NextGen highlights that with both Sporting Lisbon and Aston Villa in the Semi's neither of whom will be in the CL. However it is only good for us to be playing both as it is more game time for the players and against quality opposition. Still not a solution to the big
  8. I like varying my reading with Fiction and non-fiction - currently going a bit deeper with my current book "The Battle For God" by Karen Armstrong - a book on the history of Fundamentalism in religion, had the book the over a year but seems a good time to sit down and read it now.....
  9. Never read up on the theories usually, but might have to take a look..... That theory has become more and more likely as the books have gone along. So many hints at it. Seriously going to have to re-read the series very soon
  10. Damn, and there was me thinking that i was the only one thinking along those lines....
  11. Absolutely, has far too high an opinion of herself and what she is able to do. Just seeing the person she has raised Joffrey to be shows that she looks at the "game" all wrong.
  12. Agree with that, the Starks in general have lost a lot their essence in the TV show..... One of my favorite characters in the book is Varys, such an intriguing character and always full of surpises. In the TV show Tyrion pretty much steals the show everytime...
  13. Oh yes indeed i did been keeping up on the news for months. Initial trailer looks very impressive but it is going to be hard to get across a truly faithful adaptation and they have admitted as much. Love seeing my favorite books and book series turned into film and TV. Just waiting now for the adaptation of Stephen King's "Dark Tower" series which has been talked about for ages now.....
  14. Got the first book of that on my shelf to read at some point..... Currently reading "Earth Unaware" the first book in the first formic war trilogy from the "Enders Game" series of books...
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