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  1. another 10 warning points from FB thats 20 recently do others think these justified
  2. give Remy a start ,, and give Cesc 60 mins and RLC 30
  3. lets give him a few chances here then decide
  4. when he is fit I suppose .. which according to one medical expert on here was about 10 days ago
  5. @rhinos skin the fact you visit the bridge has given you a false sense of superiority , BUFFON ... Now you are a medical expert as well .You talked of moving on but ypou are unable to resist you childish digs at those you perceive responsible for Mourinho's dismissal .
  6. Holland matches Wilkins record of 100% wins
  7. no BUT he has only just resumed light training ,, try your sarcasm somewhere else .. usually at Eva isnt it ,
  8. not the "Special One " or "The Happy One " ,, but he did sound like "The Professional One " ... Welcome back .
  9. looks as if he is in deep shit , Surprised Pat is more intelligent than that .
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