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  1. you guys didnt want thiago silva when i suggested him last year and look what happened
  2. if we wont buy hakimi i would buy pogba, sell jorginho, give gilmour more minutes. kova, kante, gil, pogba should be a good midfield. with pogba we would finally have a midfielder who can score a goal and set up our wingers or attackers with a finnishing pass. would also had his ass covered with kova/kante.
  3. you guys think we should go for pogba? seeing how well he performs with kante beside him, he is really world class. maybe 80 million is too much for 28 yo...
  4. 100 million for grealish, who we doesnt even need. fucking kill me
  5. some say on twitter we agreed on personal terms with him.
  6. lets go croatia. our english boys need to get back to the team asap ;D
  7. hakimi and lukaku both scoring tonight.
  8. alright, prime maicon? isnt that a bit too much
  9. what do you guys think of ramos?
  10. whats going on with strakosha? also, why are we always go after these not proven cb-s. just go after varane or laporte if they really want to leave.
  11. who the fuck is going to buy kepa. cant see that. btw im happy if he stays our second keeper.
  12. this is talk Chelsea after all
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