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  1. he is not good enough to be chilwells back-up or rotate with him? you wont get better value than this. this assuming he didnt fell of hard last few months...
  2. tagliafico's cost is 7m? why are we not finishing that deal?
  3. i hate lukakus body language so much. we need to sell cho until we can trick other teams that he is quality.
  4. nah. unstable and positionless. also looks like injury prone.
  5. whats del horno doing these days
  6. do they even have an option to say no?
  7. am i tripping or kante had covid few months ago?
  8. saul is a wb. disappointed that lukaku is playing.
  9. should've bought southampton instead of lukaku.
  10. i just cant believe that i have to watch him again in a Chelsea shirt. wonder how will fans react to him at home. anyways, expected. this is not fm where you can fuck off your player.
  11. there has to be a lb coming in...
  12. because he disrespected the manager, teammates and basically the whole club?
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