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  1. so, sterling+de ligt+ who elese? we need another cb, backup rb, and i would love a midfielder but its seems like that tuchel is happy with out cm core. sterling and de ligt will be around 110 million my guess?
  2. sterling ronaldo neymar mount/havertz kante jorginho chilwell silva colwill james mendy at least 100 points in pl.
  3. appearantly neymar is in talks with juventus.
  4. sure, sure. last time it was waiting for june 10th for the start of the transfer window.
  5. cant wait to see who will be our panic buy in late august
  6. this makes sense, knowing how she operated
  7. gnabry would be the best option. he's not that expensive either. but it looks like he does not want to come here or our people are not interested in him for some reason.
  8. i dont think this is true. main issue with him is his injuries. otherwise i would take him no question. would become our best player instantly.
  9. exactly. so can you explain it to me how did they agreed with the player without having money?
  10. i would not sell anyone to west ham, ever.
  11. so sterling at f9 and havertz as a winger. makes sense
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