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  1. The energy and work rate he brings is pivotal to the way we play, so ultimately, it is valued higher than other parts of the game. Mount seems to rush his passes and shots as well, he often gets into the right positions to shoot or play that pass, fluffs it usually, perhaps it'll come with maturity.
  2. Totally agree with this, as much as he's one of our own etc and we all want the Academy boys to shine, this is a defining season for Mount. I hope he seriously realises that as well, otherwise the only option is to be looking at replacements.
  3. Hassen had harsh words for Broja but ultimately seems to read well into the situation. According to him Broja is now putting in the effort required to be included in plans.
  4. The case of Barkley is just infuriating, such a talent. Drinkwater on the other hand.. yeah..
  5. Really not bothered about players holding the club to ransom, all for looking after #1 but it comes with a dose of reality too.
  6. Besiktas playing well against Dortmund so far, Batsman underwhelming as per.
  7. Son may still be out injured and Spurs have a lot of players returning to the UK Saturday.
  8. As I said in the match thread, we'd have drawn that game last night and that's simply called progress.
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