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  1. The performance by Karim was just superb forward play all evening.
  2. Trevs positioning is just shambolic.
  3. God listening to Micah is cringe worthy, how City manage their transfers by beating everyone to Haaland for only £51m... forgets to mention the insane money package associated.
  4. Hindsight is wonderful, even that though is a scapegoat statement to fit a situation. I can only hope that going forward with new ownership that decisions in terms of contracts are dealt with looking at a longer term strategy, not to say we need to aim lower in terms of trophies btw.
  5. What an effort, let down by the worst 45 minutes under Tuch at SB, otherwise super proud of the team. I am not the biggest fan of Mount, as previous posts say, but credit where its due. How frustrating is it that when Mount gets a fire in his stomach he performs like that? I adore Thiago, how he's come into the club etc and there is no shame in being outplayed by Karim, I think we can all look at Karim and think THAT is world class.
  6. - Karim is just class - Is it me or does James look leggy?
  7. Blue tinted glasses of course, but the ownership possibility for Chelsea is just so lucrative, West London, Kings Road etc. I'm not talking profits of course, it's all status.
  8. The close control from Kova is just a beautiful thing to watch at times.
  9. Seems to have slowed down dramatically?
  10. Political bullshit, I feel aggrieved to lose an owner who had such a love for Chelsea, a fan, one of us, in the stands. Money inherently on that scale is stained, no matter the business or industry. Ridiculous that the UK government have been able to step in.
  11. UK government have just taken the opportunity to control the sale and funnel money to 'charitable' causes, most of which will never end up where it is supposed to.
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