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  1. Potter / Howe. Read rumblings of Southgate.
  2. This is absolute gold. Meanwhile deluded Spurs fan forums are still convinced they can still play pretender with the big boys, they owe a huge loan upcoming, splashed out on a stadium thats more important to hold e-sports/boxing events at than football hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha. What a complete and utter joke of a club, I love it. Meanwhile, over in West London, TWO UCL trophies in the cabinet.
  3. DH1988


    Reports that Tuchel will give him a pre season to prove himself
  4. Imagine being Kane and sitting at the table with Mount when the news announces on TV that the new Spurs manager is Gattuso
  5. Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahaahahaha its actually hilarious to look at Spurs’ forums and see them still talking shite, absolute joke of a club. Would love to see Kane’s face when he saw that announcement.
  6. But the plus side is that we will win the Champions League
  7. I’m the opposite. What’s not to like?
  8. Hadn't commented on his ability or proven pedigree, more so regarding his transfer situation and how a subpar Euros performance may hinder that.
  9. Wonder what happens if he has a terrible Euros. I can actually see him staying at Spurs against his wishes.
  10. 20m for Aurier? WHAT!? Awful player. Reports in the UK that we are frontrunners for Grealish. Doubtful but if it were to happen, wouldn't be against it, considering we could give them cash + Ross/Tammy.
  11. Whilst I want the transfer, we would also need to sort out right sided lack of creativity as well. How much would we feasibly have to spend if we ended up shelling £100m + Tammy?
  12. Isn’t it pre-determined as a % of the total transfer fee? Going on the assumption, rather than itk.
  13. 150m euros in transfer fee, I feel is doable, perhaps whether Tammy is taken into account in terms of lowering the cash amount or the amount of sales we will make this summer. the part that concerns me and always has, is the wages, like I said previously I back Marina, if there is a feasible way to do it and structure it, then she will. Mino will be pushing for a sale this summer as it means a more hefty payout for him and our pull has never been stronger/won’t be for a while, considering we are UCL winners, circa 2012/Hazardgate.
  14. Whilst I agree regarding transfer fee, the wages are reported and we read all the time how inflated numbers are. I doubt we’d been looking at the deal in a serious manner if we are looking at +£200k a week ontop of our highest earner, give Marina some credit, she’s one of the best in the business.
  15. I would prefer we wrap this up this summer, shock, but mainly due to the fact we are coming off of the UCL win and, similar to Hazard, our pulling power will never be higher until we win it again. There is no telling what happens next season with the teams able to pay his wages when his rumoured lower release clause comes into effect. now or never.
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