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  1. First time I've been concerned about his position here. Ultimately players that aren't invested are bringing this down, irrespective of injuries and covid, Lukaku, Ziyech and Mount have been shocking.
  2. Bang on points regarding full backs and let's not forget the injury/covid aspect. We've postponed no games either to memory.
  3. We have wingers that struggle to beat a man for pace other than CHO, and even that burst pace hasn't reached the heights pre-injury. Can't say Tuchel takes the blame today overall, our attackers are/were inept. Havertz alleviates that to a degree with his movement and interchange. I saw today as a must not lose, and we lost.
  4. Hilarious the amount of pundits now demanding Spurs spend and back Conte. I genuinely think that Levy tried to pull a fast one thinking that if Conte could get Moses to be part of a league winning team, then he'd work the same wonders with parts of the Spurs squad, therefore lessening the proposed investment.
  5. Such a shame, the one winger I wanted here.
  6. Such an impressive first half with the formation and personnel. Second half just seemed to back off, then players got tired, especially going to Dave every time who kills most attacks.
  7. No one in their right mind would come in for him anyway.
  8. Terrible game so far, Wolves were ontop early doors, just a meh game so far, reckon Utd will nick it, as per.
  9. Penny for the other players thoughts when he walked into the dressing room for training this morning.
  10. It is a strange situation, I genuinely feel that Rudi doesn't reach the level at another club that he does for us and Tuchel, those who remember his Roma days, I mean.. Just wow. Definitely the type that needs to be 100 or its essentially 0, in terms of performance and concentration levels. Love his aggression and his general play, there was a tiktok going around earlier of him undoing Liverpool keepers gloves on a corner, the pure shithousery is iconic. Who really knows what he has been offered by the club, of course on a free other clubs can inflate the salary per week/sign on fees
  11. Unreal professional. Its a real pleasure to be supporting this guy at our club.
  12. The issue is Rom's opinion of himself, constantly looking for and wanting complete validation to be mentioned against the CR7s, Lewandowski etc Even if a club offered £95m out of the above, he'd never go anyway.
  13. Wasn't this proved to be from Feb 21?
  14. The money is what it is, I think we all expected to invest £95m+ on a striker, whether that is transfer fee or Haaland saga etc. I haven't reacted to anything at the moment because there's been nothing except the interview and Tuchel pre-game, so let's see how it's handled from here. The good thing for me is the performance last night was fantastic, we don't NEED Rom, do we want him as a player? Sure, 20 goals, being flexible to our tactics and no interviews, otherwise no, off you pop.
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