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  1. A short list of my favourite. Les enfant du paradis Rashomon Ugetsu monogatari In the mood for love Raise the red lantern Zarkalo La Strada Au hasard Balthazar
  2. Me too. He shows commitment and determination, have great movement w/o ball and press a lot. I'd not keep lukaku,ziyech and pulisic. And take 2 new players.
  3. i'm proud of what i've seen tonight! : Rudiger, kovacic, havertz, mount,werner,kante : Pulisic, but also saul the subs where not good!
  4. yes dybala would be very good, also dembele i would try! the idea of felix was for a swap with lukaku
  5. you are right, but i think it's wrong look only to stats, those are what has made us sign werner first and lukaku after, only good stats without looking skills and real player ability. Felix isn't a striker, but he could make a good contribution for goals and assist in the right system and overall he is a really good skills like dribbling, play in the tight places and he is a good shooter. lukaku for felix, obviusly than you have to sold someone else (pulisic,CHO, werner or who you want) and have to take a first striker and Broja would be one the first choice if not the first!
  6. lukaku for felix ( maybe with compensation) who would do it?
  7. IMO ziyech's best performance since he is here
  8. we need to purchase some good players, especially on the front, but why we don't have started to sell some deadwood yet? or also some who could be replaced in summer with better one? better to sold them a little at a time that try to do it in one.
  9. make an offer for adeyemi, like £50M?
  10. I believe the problem with our scouting and tranfer decisors is that see too much to stats or team performance, and not to the skills and ability of player! with this mindset in the last few years we have brough in lukaku, werner, ziyech, bakayoko, drinkwater.... somewhere like 280M euro wasted.
  11. we clearly need to cut out some deadwood, why we don't start to do it in this transfer window? at least 2 of them could be sold or go out right now: barkley, RLC, ziyech. In the summer we will think to the others. like buys we need 1 striker, and 1 or 2 wing or number 10) My ideas could be: adeyemi joao felix and maybe dembele that is on free. Also frank de jong would be amazing.
  12. I hope too, we have already spent over £150 millions on striker with werner and lukaku though, I can't see our board spend other this position if one of them don't go and I can't see this happen soon, unfortunately.
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