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  1. Well we do struggle with small teams...
  2. How the fck did we nick that LOL.. anthony taylor itching to give city a pen but then it would seem too obvious
  3. Whu does anthony taylor hate us so badly... what have we ever done to him?? oh nu days...
  4. tbf he's been here for so many years and only a few at madrid not to mention being injured most of his time there.. so his connection to rm is bound to be weaker than his connection to us.. it makes perfect sense.. they dont need to be so pissy about it
  5. I personally prefer kane to lukaku but levy hates us..
  6. Did RM have any other big chances apart from the goal? I remember the Varane header from corner.. thats it...
  7. I think Werner needs to cut across the defender more instead of always touching it to the side...
  8. I heard Levy sacked Mou thinking he was gonna get that super league money to pay him off and now....
  9. By the timing it seems like we were "planning" to leave together.. if true.. its amazing.. just 48 hours ago or so we were battling in an fa cup SF and weve put rivalries aside for the good of the game
  10. Maybe thats what Cech meant when he said "I know, give us time" Cmon Chelsea Cmon Roman, do the right thing.
  11. I dont even know how to feel about this match...
  12. Must be so heart shattering for the players who've worked so hard to get to the semifinal of the cl just to get kicked out because of this. If uefa decide to do that.
  13. Yes we still joined and its a shame that we did but in my view its easier to jump ship if you joined because of fomo. Well i would think United, Arsenal and Liverpool would not object seeing as their owners are all vice chairman at esl.
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