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  1. Is this really a thing?? i had no idea...
  2. Yes I agree Drogba was miles better but what I meant was Drogs thrived under the competition. And regarding Tammy, yes he has to take his career into his own hands and if he decides to leave then I wish him the best of luck, but if his preference is to stay with Chelsea his boyhood club then he will have to fight for places.
  3. The thing is I think Tammy wants to be the main man, the first choice striker. I would think that if hes confident in his abilities then he should stay and fight for his place, grab the game by the balls and create that winning moment. Last time I saw him do that was last season at the emirates where he got the winning goal. Also did Didier shy away when Torres arrived? The mentality was there. Not to mention Torres cost a hefty 50M back then.
  4. I think i saw him behind TT with ice strapped to his knee while the camera was on TT
  5. Our attack is so toothless, no wonder roman wants haaland...
  6. Alonso with that foul throw at the end though.. LOL
  7. We really need Thiago Silva for this one. Imagine Zouma trying to track/read Suarez's movement eeek
  8. What do you expect from playing nearly the same 11 for 3 years straight.. its gonna catch up to you and adding the fact of this seasons hectic schedule.
  9. I mean if 2-3 managers have said the same thing about his weaknesses then maybe its time to self reflect and improve, but not forgetting cho is still a young lad and has time to learn from this experience.
  10. Picking Zouma as sweeper was awful.. Ziyech needs to light that fire.
  11. wow the pitch was an advantage today for barnsley.. that thing looked like its seen better days..
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