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  1. Don’t think they will lose all their games.. I don’t really care wheter we finish 2nd or 4th.. Make it into top 4, then concentrate on FA cup and CL final.
  2. I live in Budapest so personally would love to have CL-final 5km from my flat but I think roght decision would be to make it played in Wembley.
  3. What’s the point of holding it in Portugal? I mean.. I support to take it away from Istambul as no fans are allowed to attend so it’s pointless for two English teams to travel there. But why not hold it in England then?
  4. Got it already, luckily Hungary doing quite well, anyone can register and get it in a day, if lucky even chose the type. Hope all you guys and beloved ones are keeping healthy.
  5. Dubravka Ritchie-Dummett-Fernandez-Krafth-Murphy Even looking at these names makes me depressed AF.
  6. Incredible... Not always been big fan of him, I also felt he is being overhyped as he is Englishmen and HG, but recent months he has been amazing, every element in the game.
  7. Wow, Pulisic not starting, quite a surprise, otherwise, just as expected.
  8. Got the statistics from transfermarkt.de, didn’t know they include penalities won. thanks!
  9. 8 goals and 8 assist now, considering circumstances(late signing, covid, struggles with Lampard) not bad. Next season I expect big things from him.
  10. What’s the deal with Dave’s hand? Been wearing bandage for quite a long time now.
  11. I’d accept Big Rom in a heartbeat, even over Haaland. Was stupid decision to sell him but even more stupid not buying him but Morata in 2017.. Improved a lot, doing great at Inter and I think he’d be a fit in this team.
  12. Mitroglou.. Really? Guess your opinion has nothing to do with you being Greek. Never played for top team nor scored goal in top3 league, his record is not very outstanding in Portugal or Greece either. Mentioning critical strikers in top football I rather associate to Lewa, Agüero, Kane, Benzema, Ibrahimovic.. Probably could list up a hundred name before Mitroglou.
  13. Good result overall. Could have been better but worse either. Heavy rain ruined the match, but luckily noone got injured and Pulisic is the only player who is booked.
  14. I think too.. Is there any news about when it’ll be announced? Didn’t see it on .com
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