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  1. Threatens with coming back to Chelsea: https://www.goal.com/en-gb/news/oscar-targets-ambitious-Chelsea-return-four-years-on-from/15d5d8apcpg3b1j05e4yte8uzc
  2. What if we stuck with back 3? Benchy and James are fine to play wingback. Ampadu and Guehi are excelling in back 3 system in their current clubs, Azpi, Andy and Rüdi are also condident in this system, we could we not keep it?
  3. Def must be flawleys again. Richarlison is in very good form, Calvert-Lewin also dangerous.
  4. Rüdi, Azpi and Thiago are all very charismatic players with leader skills, we don’t lack it. I hope young talented players like Guehi, Ampadu or Tomori will have chance at Chelsea. I like them all, I hope we can play it smart and build them in the team instead of buying new CB-s to replace Silva and Dave.
  5. Played really well against Villa yesterday, Sheffield earnes a clean sheet playing with 10 men for 35 minutes. Do you guys think TT will use him last season? Or Guehi? As I know he has also been doing great on loan.
  6. Love how he’s not concernes about help him up or apologize or something. Just ran away
  7. Like who? Ziyech and Pulisic are out of form aswell, CHO might play as wingback again.. I’d love to see him playing alongside Mount behind Ollie Magnefique in 3-4-2-1
  8. To be serious, starting him in big games might be the way to break the ice. Everyone k ows he has insane qualities. He might not be perform as long as TT sends him in for 3 minutes, maybe if he feels to be trusted he will prove his worth.
  9. It’d be so good to see Benchy instead of Alonso.. Also, I would start Ziyech today. I expect MU to park the bus and not give us many space so Hakim might be more useful than Puli.
  10. Henderson Wan-Bissaka - Bailey - Lindelöf - Telles Fred - Matic James - Bruno Fernandes - Greenwood Martial Strange that MU playing with such strong eleven after trashing Sociedad 0-4 in Spain.. Solksaer doesn’t rest his men.
  11. Love this guy so much.. Has been around for 9 years and every single manager has started him. Left back, right back, centre back, whatever, he can’t be left out. This might change soon but hope he sticks around for few more seasons.
  12. This is horrible.. Going to be 0-0 both games then 1-0 by penalties.. These two teams should never play against each other.
  13. Statistics of Lampard may not be outstanding but he built up lots of things.. He gave lots of opportunity for Mount, Reece, Tammy, CHO.. When Tuchel arrived, these guys have already had 50-70 games in their shoes, Which means a lot. TT is a more experienced manager, we needed this upgrade but he is building on Lamp’s past two year work.
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