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  1. So what? Oscar posted a photo from Paris Today. Is he joining PSG or then? I understand these spots used to have relevance, but nowadays you can have medical and sign your contract even in different continent than the club you are joining. No point of these photos anymore.
  2. Dan Gosling? Seriously?? Perfect way to end this shity season.
  3. I am glad this annoying season is finally finishes.. Winnin European Super Cup and Club World Cup was nice, but CC and FA Cup final loss and the way we lodt against Real were beyond frustrating, so were many of our PL games. Hope we will not fuck up against Watford and secure 3rd place.
  4. Without conceding a single goal in 240 minutes.
  5. Well deserved goal for Lukaku. Has been proper attitude last matches.
  6. Get in!!!! Almost turned off my TV after Jorgi missed penalty.. Great job!!!
  7. Reseted after recent couple of weeks/months crazy run.
  8. I think.. Alonso and James WB, Christensen-Sarr-Azpi CB, Ruben-Kante-Mount CM, Lukaku-Werner ST, 3-5-2.
  9. So…. Christensen-Sarr-Azpi the 3 CB? Sounds horrifying.. However, we are pretty much secure in 3rd place, no matter what today. Happy Lukaku starting with Werner though, Kai should take a day off today.
  10. Not just a pretty face https://twitter.com/robert_huth/status/1516090725854765061?s=20&t=I7M5MzbTfvcAbhXAFpHojA
  11. Had one day duty in London yesterday, I visited Bridge of course. It was sadder than ever with “no tickets available” signs and being locked around. But still good to take a look around as always.
  12. We sent him on loan to gain experience indeed. However, he has 50 other games to gain experience at. According to rule he is not allowed to play. Why should we make efforts to make CPs best player feature against us in Wembley? We are out of CL, PL 3rd place is all but secured.. FA-cup is the only relevant competition we are in.
  13. Sealed? Mate, we turned it around and we were 10 minutes away from making it into the semifinals. Of course, first match was shit, but I'm rather angry we couldn't keep it 0-3 for 10 minutes.
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