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  1. Oh. So it’s really Lew Baker.. I was googleing bc I thought there is a CB Baker in youth team I haven’t heard about. early stage of preseason, still bit depressing.. Baker, Drinkwater, Baba, Zappacosta, Miazga, Barkley.. These names getting me Vietnam flashbacks
  2. So why didn’t Sevilla concede five goals every game in past years? Or did Koundè got eaten alive weakly base? How we won CL with Azpi playing CB under 1.8 M? This is not weightlifting, this is football.. Height and weight can be compensated with other skills.
  3. I mean.. Previously, our academy graduates were seldom signed by PL clubs, usually Champo.. I wonder if they’ll be i volved in first team football. Hope we can keep Livramento though.
  4. How come suddenly our academy boys are all signing for PL-clubs first teams? What did I miss?
  5. Loan or permanent?
  6. Zappacosta? Bakayoko? Sarr? Bayern tried to fill their gaps with such mediocre players(Sarr, Rocha, Chupo-Moting,), didn’t take them anywhere.. Gallagher seems good but I feel he is not fit for deep rule for Jorgi/Kante role but not sure he can do wide AM either.
  7. Don’t care too much about international football but would it’s quite a disgrace that a team(Spain) can win the tournament with winning only one game in 120 minutes of football. One win at group stages with will make you through, then you can just kill the game and try your luck with penalties.
  8. Eapecially conssidering he pretty much played more minutes in Euros then at Chelsea all season. Quite strange he is starting for Italy, while Spain starting with City’s 3rd and 4th CB.
  9. Barcelona terminated conrtact of Brasilian midfielder Matheus Fernandes today, whom they bought for 7 million Euros and played only 17 minutes for the club. Contract was originally valid till 2025.. Quite strange, but even stranger official communication: FC Barcelona has informed Brazilian player Matheus Fernandes that the club no longer requires his services and is terminating the contract he had until June 2025. No longer require their services :D
  10. That’s a bit harsh I think. Give assist to Benzema then backwheeled a key pass before second goal. Essential in turning the game around. not his best form this tournament, this I agree.
  11. Was supposed to do some work at home office but not really been productive since 6pm.. 240 minutes pure pleasure today.
  12. Benzema what a touch by the first goal wtf.. And Mbappe backwheel before the second.. Classy.
  13. I am in team Isak.. That’s guy’s got class, moves like a panther. Would really love him here.
  14. Kovacic part I don’t agree with, but indeed Sanches is starting to fulfill his potential, playing great for Lille and Portugal, so much energy..
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