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  1. Was thinking the same, love the lad. I hope he will perform well early next year then he can move to another team to he Nr1. Juventus is rumoured to be interested in him as Szczesny has been underperforming - today he is on the bench and Perin starts - I think it would be a good fit.
  2. Was signed for 7 million pounds from Torino, still he hasn’t played one PL game, only featured in Carabao Cup, even though Vestergaard left. Seem solid though.
  3. Christmas shopping? You gave me more stress than our most recent two games did. I thought summer has just ended..
  4. Based on how names are submitted - James, Chalobah, Sarr - CHO, Barks, Kova, Saul, Alonso - looks like it’s back 3.
  5. Thanks for the correction, I first started to worry about my mental health, then about yours.
  6. I rate Conte very high, but I don’t see him winning PL for United as Liverpool, City and Us are very well built. Conte win titles with Juve, Chelsea and Inter when their rivals were not in their bests, but right now top3 English teams are close to be perfect, I don’t see how MU would be able to compete this season. So I think they will let OGS manage this season unless things turn even worse as they are now. However, pretty much nobody predicted TT will be this effective this short term, so who knows..
  7. I don’t think they are in hurry to sack Solksjaer as there is no available top managers right now. I hardly doubt Ten Hag would leave Ajax as they are doing very well in CL and Eredivisie. It’s very likely that Zidane will take over Deschamps’ job at FFF. Conte is a problem guy and and also he tends to perform well if he can adjust his squad as for his wishes. MU invested huge money in their current squad, they need someone who can utilize Sancho, Rashford, Ronaldo, Varane or Maguire in the best possible way. Conte is a great coach but flexibility is not one of his most attractive features. I
  8. Ah, really, I completely forgot Dave was on the bench in the PL. Maybe because it hardly ever happens for years.
  9. I would give Azpilicueta some rest and play James instead. Also, I would name Sarr in the starting eleven too. We don't know when we will need him again. Rüdiger can rest.
  10. We have buyback option of 40 million pounds. Of course, it only means we are allowed to negotiate with him if we put this amount of cash on the table, if he doesn’t want to return or prefers to join other team it not obligation for Tino. They are quite obvious contenders, but Chalobah and RLC were underdogs, that’s more what I meant. Training with reserves.
  11. Amazing. Who would have predict him or Chalobah will not only be part of the squad but performing regularly in PL/CL? Who’s next? Musonda? Baker? Baba Rahman?
  12. That team was different. We scored goals for fun but also ended up conceding 32 goals. Of course it is important not to be impotent in front of the opponents box but we were nowhere near this stable defensively under Carlo.
  13. Great game.. Norwich seem to be in the level of 06/07 Derby and 10/11 Blackpool, just awful.
  14. Livramento goal against Burnley. Better save that 40 million pounds i the pocket for him.
  15. Not sure how this works.. Had similar thoughts when Southgate called up Reece while TT claimed he was doing underwater trainings. Do NT team medicals have oppurtunity to check upon players’ condition in person? Or have access to medical papers? I really don’t know. Hopefully we will do well without Timo and Big Rom and they can sit out next shity International break..
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