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  1. Guys I'm bored. I want bring up a topic about incest love for if you had a sexy hot sister and incest wasn't illegal and getting your sister pregnant and having a baby with sister wouldn't turn your baby into some damaged inbred messed up. I want you to know the ILLUMINATI lied about incest being illegal so that you don't have a relationship with your sibling. because they wouldn't make money or profit from a successful brother and sister relationship. If I had a sister. I would fuck her brain's out.
  2. It hurts me so much for All the hard work to win the Champions League in 2012 and to how our club has become this badly run after winning the UCL after 6 years ago.
  3. I doubt Zidane will want to coach us because we are in the Europa League and to many unstable things are happening at our sweetheart lonely Chelsea.
  4. How many of you are Willing to bet by before the end of 2018. Chelsea would have been sold to Another Billionaire.
  5. By the time it hits the Friday just before premier league season starts on the Saturday our hopes and dreams for the 2018/2019 season will be over. With getting any great new players signed on. The world cup ruining our preseason matches and International champions cup tour. With Roman Abramovich having restrictions on entering England with his Israeli Passport. It's going to be worse than the season we finished 10th.
  6. I wonder if kante would let his hair grow or get a hair transplant then he would slay them ladies more.
  7. Now bale price is gone up so much pretty much he is staying at Madrid. If kloppy and salah leave Liverpool it's back to square one.
  8. A few minutes of respect and silence for Real Madrid fans who are going to get beat up by angry Dore loser Liverpool drunk fans for losing the final.
  9. Yes it's all over for Liverpool now that Salah is Off Injured. LFC have no confidence without Salah's presence. LFC dream is over.
  10. I am proud to announce that if Liverpool win the Champions League Tonight Laylabelle and I are getting Married. I LOVE YOU LAYLABELLE MY PRINCESS AND MY QUEEN.
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