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  1. Losing Fabregas we need to get this guy the only issue is what happens to our own english talent mainly Mount/RLC - because he plays in the role they would most likely occupy.. but for that price he is a steal
  2. its the price tag - in our 15/16 season Tibo had a wobble year as well at the same age Kepa is - only difference is he played behind more solid back lines.. When our defensive synergy gets there he will shine as well he is only 23.. I have faith in him
  3. He's definitely what we wanted Ruben and Bakayoko to be x 2 - and all in one player
  4. Jorginho is in the middle of the park if you look at jersey number and his boots - its a 2 and white boots which indicate that it is Rudiger cleaning up
  5. they can prepare a bid all they want we have no way to replace him - so they can fuck right off
  6. Some have said here Eden would decide while on vacation what his next move is. Madrid made offers of that I am sure which we declined as we don't need to sell and Eden himself never asked the club to sell him. Decision made right there. He showed up - Eden always has sluggish preseason and with being back for 2 days hardly enough time to get back into sync with Chelsea new style of football. To one point he is back at training he legitimately does not need to sign an extension day 1 back from his holidays he needs to focus on getting match fitness back. and secondly he could have forced the is
  7. Juventus can go eat a bag of rocks.. after what they did to us this window
  8. he only counts as U21 not towards or HG - however can see him if he continues to progess in net for us
  9. Nope I feel the exact same way been saying this for a few months - we sell Morata bring in a GK or RW - I would keep Giroud and Tammy around and go that way
  10. currently injured and free sounds about right
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