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  1. I guess people still didnt learn from the past experiences. Honeymoon is kicking in realy nice with Tuchel right now. You dont build a squad overnight. If you want to build team that will win stuff again it takes time. Yet with Chelsea its always poor period, sack the manager and then we have new manager and his honeymoon time and everyone is happy like people are right now with Tuchel and then reality hits. Only this time our football is one big snoozefest. Dont get me wrong, we are doing fine in football terms. We won to shit Liverpool (that is realy shit atm so we shouldnt put to
  2. Our board is still on track of being complete shite. Buying counter attacking Werner to play possesion football, spending ton on Havertz while not knowing where to even play him. Continuously returning to washed up players like Alonso, Rudiger just because they have status. Playing Kovacic and Jorginho who are the most boring midfield pairing in the history of football. Just side passes and back passes over and over. Getting rid of players that are actualy good like Tomori or Lamptey. Then the lack of patience, changing the managers all the time its allways a step for
  3. Yeah true, he was getting bulkier for a while now. Even pre corona, he wasnt skinny like before anymore. But even in this time, its very hard to put on muscle and remain lean like Goretzka. Whenever you want to get bigger, you first bulk up, gain decent amount of kg and quite some of it is fat. You could get realy big, but there would be more and more fat. With shirt on, it would still look ridiculous and people would wonder how is that possible in such short time. But yeah there would be some fat under. Next step is to tone it down to whatever body fat % you want. Thats the "easy" m
  4. That about Drinks is false. We had Chalobah who could fill that squad role and many pointed that out. Obviously the player has to be talented or good, otherwise whats the point of buying them? There are always fair priced options we could target. Players like Davies, Robertson,...are always out there but our scouts never seem to find them or the management doesnt have faith (Salah, Kdb). Then you mix one or two from youth and finaly a few world class players. Some will be more and some less affordable.
  5. I was never very happy about kepa or morata. The former, I didnt know well enough and he didnt prove himself. But okay if the board thinks he is that good. I wouldnt pay this money on him. Secondly, I didnt rate Morata. Neither Lukaku. It was just picking the lesser evil. Again shouldnt pay. Everyone knew Drinkwater was awful idea. Im certain 90% of this forum could pick a cheaper and better alternative. Maybe some loved it, I didnt. Admitedly, I rated Bakayoko tbh. But thats one player. On other hand, I was super excited about Hazard and Kante when they came. It was clear they
  6. Isnt wolves squad ridiculously short on english players?
  7. I lowkey hope it is our record haha. It adds prestige and at least kepa wouldnt be the most expensive one anymore.
  8. Thats false because I remember well board received much love for signing Kante. Given how many shit signings we made, yes it didnt happen often though. Look no board is perfect. There will be shit signing or two in every club. But take a look at the last 5 years or so and count how many players we bought actualy played realy valuable role and proved to be reliable long term choice, ie a smart move and how many flops or signings with zero planning what to do with them. Kepa was a flop. Morata was a flop. Baka flop. Wont even go with Drinkwater. Emerson didnt fill the expectations. Bar
  9. Yup pretty much this. She gets the praise when good players come...when its the bad ones its ohh but she is only a negotiatiator, a financial expert. But Marina isnt the problem per se. The problem is that she is second in command, and as such responsible for not just financials, but scouting, planning etc. And she is only expert in financials. Obviously she doesnt do scouting herself, but she is in charge of high level decisions along with Roman. If Cech has a suggestion in scouting, its definately not his call, but needs approval by a higher member; Marina or Roman (given Roman trusts M
  10. So now we are speaking in english? My bad, I thought we were writing in english... If I gave you a mark for your responses, it would be unfair. But Pete will happily do it; And yes Slovenia is a very nice country, thanks. Now if you want to be a bit more educated about footie from my country since you are so interested; NK Triglav is like Nottingham Forrest. Once they were good, now not so much. Dont recommend to support them, they reached peak ages ago. You would get bored to death. But Olimpija and Maribor are "the" teams now, there is even extra spice of corrup
  11. There were quite a few comments from you, so Im pretty sure you checked up on this forum quite regularly, but ok if you want to play that card. Picking on my language and country from where I am? Haha are you one of those entitled english pricks then? And so you know, there are many people who speak more understanding english than brits, but fair play you speak the language of a country where you were born better compared to a non-native speaker. Mad respect there brother. Hopefuly you dont sound like Harry Kane though, that would be a bummer. Also, you still didnt get the lightbulb
  12. 1.) You are incredibly fast in forming constructive replies, I see. I mean Kai transfer impressed me, but this is on another level. 2.) In your locker? Who are you trying to impress mate? 3.) Please check 30 watt led lightbulb and maybe you will figure it out eventualy I dont even need to make a counter reply here, you just shot yourself in the leg. Talk about dimmer lol.
  13. This signing came completely out of the blue. Welcome Kai
  14. Tbh Nike deal until 2032 for 60m was never great. It was great back then when signed and maybe for a couple years, but with more and more money in football, most big clubs would get better deals by the 2025. What was plenty in 2018 would be norm in 2025, never mind 2032. And then we would have to break the contract, much like we did with adidas. Because contracts worth doubled and adidas didnt have to improve that since we were stupid enough to sign such a long term contract. These super long term contracts were good for united or real, who went into crazy crazy numbers that will be
  15. Giroud with 29 PL goals. You heard it here first
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