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  1. The Jorginho-Kovacic midfield gets bypassed way too easily. It's no surprise he wanted to have Kanté back as soon as possible. That midfield partnership along with Kepa was the main reason we conceded so many goals. The team had no idea how to play off the ball as soon as teams got through our press(again thanks to the huge gaps in midfield). I don't see how Kante being integrated back into the team after returning from injury buggered up our momentum. If anything, we were desperate to have him back in the starting line-up. As to wether he is less fit to play in Frank's system than the ot
  2. Nice interview with him, as always. He was asked about the instagram video with Werner too.
  3. There's some nice patterns to play out from the back or through the press otherwise it's nothing special. Defensively all he's done is put more players behind the ball. Decent start and good results considering the players at his disposal but it was obvious their hot form(end of last season to start of current season) was unsustainable.
  4. Rapkun

    Kurt Zouma

    I think Deschamps doesn't appreciate it when players threaten to switch national teams in order to get called-up, as was the case with Laporte and Theo Hernandez. Both of them will likely never be called in the french squad until Deschamps is gone.
  5. Some more individual performances on the same channel if you're interested. Not my video, just sharing.
  6. I'm pretty sure the ref missed a foul on Mane when he was holding Ogbonna in the build-up to the goal. Too far behind for the VAR to review but the ref should be calling that all day.
  7. He massively improved defensively this season. There were times where he switched off or looked disinterested last season but he's been very good so far. I wish he would take more risks either with his passing or running with the ball but I'm sure it will come when he gains more confidence.
  8. I'm not surprised at all. He was always a good player. In fact I was hoping he would go up a level if he came here similarly to Walker at City. People seemed to think he was awful because he had a bad game vs Mahrez when he was isolated for most of that game. Also Leicester fans for some reason had him as their scapegoat for their defensive woes.
  9. Channeled his inner Mourinho today. On a serious note, I'm really disapointed with his substitutions today. He was so good at turning games around with his subs but today was horrendous. Basically threw 1 away when he made the first 2 so close to one another. 5 changes are allowed but only 3 seperate occasions. Then he took forever to make the last changes and ran Havertz and Werner to the ground.
  10. Sevilla will make sure to get Jorginho sent off. He needs to come off. They got away with a lot of fouling in the first half as well.
  11. It's funny seeing the hate he gets from both Chelsea and England fans, yet both managers select him on a regular basis and he keeps delivering.
  12. According to the WHU ITK on twitter, Tomori didn't want to move to West Ham because his conversation with Moyes was not very convincing. Moyes did not sound particularly enthusiastic. He didn't give him game time assurance or guarantees about what would happen to him there, nor did he show any interest about wanting to keep him at the club beyond his loan. He wasn't a Moyes target to begin with and we had a clause in which they would have to pay us 50k everytime he didn't start for them. It's possible he didnt quite like being pressured into playing him.
  13. Rudiger couldn't be loaned out, so we granted Tomori who previously asked to leave on loan his wish. Lampard wanted to keep him but we couldn't afford to keep 5 CBs at the club. Tomori seems to have had a change of heart or he didn't want to go to West Ham so the deal collapsed.
  14. I suggested Partey the other day because I thought it made a lot of sense. I feel he is the perfect partner for Kanté. We could play a 2 man midfield with him and still look fairly solid defensively. I don't think defending is his main strength but he provides more stability than Jorginho or Kovacic.
  15. Not particularly happy with this...
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