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  1. It’s a damn good thing we have Reece who is young and world class. Because we’d be kicking ourselves every weekend about Lamptey otherwise. What a talent he is. Will be super annoying when he inevitably signs for one of our direct rivals. Conte will probably really fancy him. United can’t keep carrying Wan Bissaka who is useless going forward so they may want an attack RB. Kyle Walker is 30+. Can see him at any of those 3 clubs next season.
  2. Liverpool’s attack is basically unstoppable. They’ll have an off match here and there but they still have the most dangerous front 3 in the league. Only a big injury to Salah will cause them to fall away. We just have to keep matching their weekly results and not allow them to get their noses in front us. Would be hard to reel them in if they do.
  3. Arse having a typical Wenger season so far. Beat the shit teams to get their fans hopeful that they’re turning a corner or “building something special,” and then get humiliated by all the proper teams. With as shit as the likes of United, Spuds, Leicester, etc are this season that may be enough for them to sneak into the top 4. But they’re still not in the same galaxy as the top 3. And they’re benefitting greatly from not being in Europe.
  4. Sounds like Shaw could play. But they’ll definitely be without some key players. Then again, so will we now. Chilly and Kante will be big misses. I guess Ruben will start beside Jorginho, then. Not exactly the ideal midfield pairing against a team that’s desperate to bounce back and will be purely counter attacking. The exact sort of opponent Jorginho has historically struggled against. Hope TT goes with a really quick attack and doesn’t throw Lukaku straight back in now he’s fit.
  5. Liverpool have an easy game this weekend and although City have what should be a tough game against West Ham on paper, I’d expect them to win comfortably. So 3 points for us to maintain this small gap would be huge for us psychologically. And we can drive a further stake in a big rivals’ top 4 hopes.
  6. Yeah, the moment they sacked Ole I instantly knew they wouldn’t be the utter embarrassment that they were against Liverpool, City, and Watford. They’ll be well up for us and even with their injuries and suspensions this will probably be tough. But with our team in this form anything other that a home 3 points would be a huge letdown. Their midfield is poverty and they’re missing Maguire, Varane, and I think Shaw. Three of their starting back 4 and also Pogba. So this will almost surely be a Mourinho or Solskjaer special in terms of their tactics. Sit deep, frustrate the fuck out of u
  7. PSG are honestly pretty shit. And somehow boring as hell even with 3 of the best players in the world in their attack. They once again just look like an assemblage of Galactico’s without the structure and desire to be great. They just kinda stroll around. I still maintain that they won’t win the CL any time soon. Their domestic league being so piss easy really messes them up when transitioning to European play. They need to take the Bayern approach of developing players from a younger age and just supplementing the side with a top player here and there. That way they can build a longer te
  8. Knee injuries are probably as bad as it gets for a footballer. Only an Achilles is probably worse. So even when he recovers from the surgery he’ll likely need ages after that to return to this level he’s been playing at. This is maybe the only outfield position in our team where we can’t maintain the same quality level if the starter gets injured. Alonso is just fine against average and poor opposition but to depend on him in big games is a no go. We can lose a midfielder or 2, we can lose a CB or two. But LWB is tough as hell. Hopefully our scouting department is ready for next mont
  9. Devastating. Will be a huge miss for the team as he was a constant threat in attack and athletic defensively. Alonso can do one of those things but will be targeted by every team we play against. If he’s done for the season we absolutely need another body in January.
  10. Bingo. I think and hope Rom will benefit massively from speedy or tricky players who are now in great form like CHO, Pulisic, and even Ziyech around him. Perhaps the Lukaku and Werner combo. I’m not writing this signing off as a mistake like so many here have yet. If we still look poor with him in the team come the end of the season then questions can be asked.
  11. I’m actually not that bothered about top spot, just advancing.
  12. Despite being shit by their usual standard over the last decade this Juve team still has quite a few dangerous players in this XI here that can kill us if we play poorly. I’d rather not have to sweat that final match against Zenit.
  13. CP10 up top, eh? Well, at least there’s lots of pace in the attack with he and CHO. Hopefully Ziyech seizes the opportunity and plays some of his signature cross field passes for those two to run onto.
  14. Juve we’re terrible leading up to our first meeting and we’re missing key players. Still raised their game and beat us. They’ve apparently been even worse lately and have an even bigger injury list. Let’s not have a repeat, eh?
  15. The best case scenario for United seems to be what many of their fans are salivating about. That Poch leaves PSG and Zidane replaces him there. They get probably the best manager they can realistically get. But Poch would be mad to leave Messi, Neymar, and Mbappe mid season, surely? A manager who has never won a trophy until this season when he will.
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