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  1. Not watching but I see the mighty Barcelona, err, sorry, West Brom are getting smoked by Leicester after scoring 5 against us.
  2. I fucking hate the European League and it would be an absolute chore to watch this team playing in that next season. I’d rather finish fucking 10th then have to play in the EL again.
  3. Time and time and time again and ALWAYS against the worst teams in the league we do this. We play down to the competitions level. We do EXACTLY what these shit teams would want us to do. The mentality of this squad is disgraceful. Fucking shocking against another relegation area team.
  4. The intensity is just severely lacking. Don’t think our players have been particularly poor, just sluggish and lethargic. We need the forward thrust and energy of Kova or CHO.
  5. Zero connection between midfield and attack once again. We desperately miss Kova just like against Porto.
  6. Brighton are going to play out of their skins here to prove a point so hopefully we aren’t caught cold. Whatever happens with the shit storm we still absolutely must finish top 4. Just in case there’s a huge reversal and apology and things resume as they were.
  7. I think they’re all scared shitless now and regretting it. Don’t think it’ll happen and we’ll see the first of probably several of the clubs putting out apologies today or within this week. I know it’s almost universally hated but I would actually be kind of disappointed if it collapses. I’ve been enjoying the chaos first of all, and second of all I like the idea of massive heavyweight matches throughout the season more frequently.
  8. Not sure why a lot of our supporters are so against this. I admittedly don’t watch Bayern every week, but each time I’ve watched Süle recently he has looked pretty damned good. He’s incredible on the ball for a massive defender so I could see him slotting right in to our side. For the price being talked about here it’s a no brainer.
  9. UEFA ain’t gonna do shit. Neither will the PL, neither will the other European leagues. They need these big clubs more than the clubs need them. Interest and therefore viewership falls through the floor without these clubs, sponsorships dry up, TV broadcast money dries up. This is the obvious gamble and bet the Super League teams are making. There is a massive backlash initially but they all realize that they hold all the power here.
  10. Yeah, legally speaking, how on earth can UEFA or whoever ban players from competing when they themselves haven’t actually done anything wrong? Seems like an extremely easy legal battle for the players to win.
  11. Ridiculous. Your sports are every bit as plastered with adverts as ours are. The “sports play a bigger role in society” but is just laughable.
  12. As an American, the idea of the goddamned government enacting laws to control sports leagues is madness.
  13. The idea of the government getting involved with private businesses’ decision making is fucking ridiculous. Especially this bumbling clown Boris who is simply trying to boost his political standing more as the “savior of football.” Right out of the Orange Bastard Trump’s playbook.
  14. PSG’s entire modern existence and the entire reason their owners are there is to transform them into a European powerhouse. A club that competes for and wins the most prestigious European trophy. They may kick up a fuss now but I feel like it’s impossible that they don’t eventually jump aboard. Nobody will care if they’re in some lesser competition beating up on the likes of Sevilla, Leicester, Roma etc...
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