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  1. Hasn’t Gattuso been very average for the most part as a manager? Spuds going from chasing one mediocre Italian manager to another. Totally Spursy. Why would Kane want to stay there?
  2. Unlike Silva who is a similar age, Ramos is a totally different type of CB. He’s a hothead who will pull off the brilliant at times and the catastrophic as well. I’m not sure he’d take to the PL well at this age.
  3. With Emerson surely leaving it seems kind of unrealistic to think we’ll let Alonso leave as well. Tuchel seemed to like him in certain matches and he is very useful to have if we are going to continue using a system with wingbacks. So I’m not sure I’m buying any rumor about including him in any deals.
  4. In the same way Grealish doesn’t make any sense for City in my opinion, he doesn’t make any sense for us either. It’s a stupid rumor that nobody should pay any mind to.
  5. I don’t really pay much attention to anything but the last 5-10 fixtures. And on paper anyways they look quite favorable for us assuming we invest well this summer. I’d rather have a very tough start than a very tough run in which is what we’ve got.
  6. Grealish is one of those players who I absolutely despise watching when he’s on another team but who is probably adore if he was in Chelsea blue. I don’t see how or where he’d fit into our side and I think these rumors are complete bs anyways. We’ve got Werner and CP who play in his area.
  7. PSG are the French Man City. Usually look brilliant domestically but choke over and over and over again in Europe on the biggest stage. Don’t care who they buy, they’ll never be truly scary in the CL until they actually win it.
  8. Feels a lot like last summer with Havertz. Lots of smoke and heavy links early and then things went quiet for long periods and then we finally signed him. Here, we heard a bunch about Haaland and Hakimi and now nothing for days. Probably won’t hear more for about a month until after the Euro’s.
  9. Seems like none of the big English clubs are going to be making much noise during the Euro’s. Everything seems to be quiet.
  10. I was all in for Lukaku a week or two ago before we were linked with Haaland. But if Haaland is impossible this summer I wouldn’t want us to settle for any other striker. It’ll likely be much, MUCH more difficult if not impossible to get Haaland next summer when every big club in Europe can afford him but I guess we should gamble. If no Haaland this summer, strengthen the team as much as possible in other areas and hope like hell Werner, Havertz, Pulisic, and Ziyech step up. Don’t shackle ourselves to a lesser striker and then see Haaland move to a rival.
  11. Nah. But only because we have options at RWB whereas we don’t with striker. Missing out on Hakimi wouldn’t be devastating.
  12. I assume your definition is basically just Messi or Neymar level players?
  13. Tbf, I don’t think anyone is too big for our club. By fantasy signing I mean someone who we didn’t think was possible because their clubs would be mad to let them go. Someone you had no idea was actually possible because they aren’t generally available.
  14. I mean, he’s arguably the best in the world at his position…
  15. Not sure replacing two of the best players in Europe with Tammy and CHO would appeal much to Dortmund.
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