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  1. Maybe against top teams in the CL. But Real Madrid dominate most of the time in La Liga so he’ll be a beast there. Curious where he plays, though. Don’t Madrid fans really rate Militao? And then they have Alaba who they’re paying mega wages in the other Cb spot. So where does Toni start?
  2. I know @Vesper is really down on Koundé, but I think it’ll be a good buy. I also wavered a bit on him but seeing what Tuchel has done to all of our CB’s I trust that he’ll turn Koundé into a beast as well. Hope he isn’t our only CB signing. Gvardiol has the look of a future world class player so I hope there’s truth there and we get him, too. Koundé, Gvardiol, and Borna Sosa as our 3 defensive signings and we’ll have done EXTREMELY well. Three players who are excellent on the ball, super athletic and quick, and will allow us to play more exciting football.
  3. Seems pretty dumb for us to even be linked with a striker until we know what’s going on with Timo and Rom. This is why the Lewa rumor makes so little sense. Our name seems to be thrown around in connection with him because people just assume that Lukaku is gone. But they don’t even suggest where he could go.
  4. It’s something we should be doing as well. Without a single guy pumping his personal fortune into the club any longer we should be the smart club that exploits the free agent market much more. Lot of very good players there. Likewise with players in the last year of their contracts.
  5. I mean, if he wants that PSG would probably be desperate enough to give it to him. May as well stay.
  6. Holy fuck, indykaila is still around? The OG transfer bullshitter.
  7. Honestly not that impressed with De Jong. He hasn’t exactly set the world alight at Barca. He’s a good player but not a great one yet. United fans are creaming themselves as though he’s going to be their midfield savior. I’m not saying this just because I’m a Chelsea fan, but for me Connor Gallagher looks more impressive when watching their YouTube highlights than De Jong does.
  8. True. But if we can sign some of these players we’re linked with they’re all huge upgrades. Borna Sosa replacing Alonso would be a colossal upgrade at a relatively inexpensive price. And he’s right there on Chilwell’s level in my opinion so that would be great competition at LWB.
  9. I actually think he’d be well suited to Barca. It’s Azpi who I’m not sure why they want. As we saw in the final the other day against Liverpool, Alonso is still very capable of being a dangerous attacking threat which you know Barca loves. Azpi is washed up on both ends of the pitch. Barca would be doing us a tremendous favor by taking all 3 of Azpi, Alonso, and AC. We will be considerably stronger next season with new players replacing them.
  10. Top class player. We should be all over him. No clue why City don’t want to extend him since he’s their second best CM after KDB.
  11. He doesn’t rely on pace or athleticism and has never been the sort of striker who is going to beat players with skill. He’s a pure, lethal finisher around the box. One of the best ever, in fact. So I think he’ll be fine for a while as he gets older. Give him chances and he’ll score 25 PL goals. Ironically, he would’ve been absolutely picture perfect in City’s team rather than Haaland.
  12. Think it’ll still be a season early for that, but can 100% see them being in the West Ham/Leicester/Wolves vicinity. A team that’ll give every big team a game.
  13. With Haaland at City, Kane is stuck at Spuds for good. Nowhere for him to go this summer. With United keeping hold of CR7 they have no room for him either and they were the only other possible destination.
  14. Again, I’m not saying Lewa is finished. I’m just saying that older players tend to want to take it a bit easier late in their careers. He could absolutely still play at the very highest level for another couple of seasons.
  15. Don’t see any reason for Conte to leave. Not unless PSG immediately sack Poch. Then I think those two just swap jobs. But with Kane & Son still there and with a couple more top signings he could solidify them as a top 4 side for a while.
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