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  1. We need Kante. slipping through our midfield too easily.
  2. No to the Ricketts! If the Ricketts win, me and millions of Chelsea fans all over the world will definately stop supporting the club. I have supported Chelsea for 40 years but it will be a sad day if Chelsea is taken over by a fascist racist owner. I will cherish and remember the good days. I hope it doesnt come to this!.
  3. But its still a goal that contributed to our win. This forum is soo racist. Chelsea win 2.0 and all we here are people slagging of Sarr and Lukaku! At this rate you think we lost the match. What a horrible set of Chelsea fans. Outta here!!!!!!!
  4. Hes been a Chelsea fan from childhood so that helps. Loves the club
  5. HI everyone lets not get to depressed about this. Romans assets have been frozen not seized. There is a big difference. He is still the owner of CFC and this may be good if he doesn’t want to sell the club anyway. Frozen assets can be unfrozen. Hopefully in a few months when this war dies down or ends, his assets would be unfrozen and he would still remain owner or the club and not sold. Other clubs are confusing frozen with seized but thats not the case. This move might even be a way of protecting his ownership until the war crisis dies down. Also the government has to be seen to be doing som
  6. Racism has no place on this forum! There are better ways of stating your dislike of the way he plays than using such derogatory language!!! Shameful
  7. The same 'dog' s--- that scored two goals to win us the World Cup. Some of you Chelsea fans are not real fans! Just pathetic ones. Real fans back their players through thick or thin!!!!
  8. Its not true! He hasn't changed his bio. Has always and still says cfc. Disgraceful to spread lies!!!
  9. Oh do shut your mouth. It's very sad to see someone being so hateful and spiteful towards another player. You should be ashamed of yourself!! What has he ever done to you to get so much hate from or you? Are you racist? Wouldn't be surprised!!!
  10. Nonsense talk. Youve always been against him and never given him a chance. A sense of personal hatred! Nothing to do with his skills as a player or striker who just won the scudetto in Italy. Had it been another player you would be singing their praises for this achievement
  11. Give him a break!! Hes only had two games with a new team!!! Seems to be an agenda against him even before hes had a run of games with a new team.
  12. managing Man Utd is a "special honour" because it's a "mythical club no other team can come close to." Even for him, that's a pretty low thing to say. Always told you he was a money-hoarding cunt. ;-) A "money-hoarding c---" who won your CFC three EPL titles. Get over it!! You sacked him twice and hes move on!
  13. Hes been one of our better players so lay off him
  14. How can you say a player who was highly rated in the Bundesliga is incapable of defending in the EPL? We all know that his first game performance was just nerves. If he never plays how would ever adapt to the EPL?
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