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  1. Give him a break!! Hes only had two games with a new team!!! Seems to be an agenda against him even before hes had a run of games with a new team.
  2. managing Man Utd is a "special honour" because it's a "mythical club no other team can come close to." Even for him, that's a pretty low thing to say. Always told you he was a money-hoarding cunt. ;-) A "money-hoarding c---" who won your CFC three EPL titles. Get over it!! You sacked him twice and hes move on!
  3. Hes been one of our better players so lay off him
  4. How can you say a player who was highly rated in the Bundesliga is incapable of defending in the EPL? We all know that his first game performance was just nerves. If he never plays how would ever adapt to the EPL?
  5. Fabregas has been really bad. People should lay off Drogs. At least he has put in some effort. Cant say that about Fabregas.
  6. Ridiculous!. So for the second week in a row no Africans in the starting line-up???? Looks like they are been relegated to getting a few minutes play per match . And whats up with Salah? Maybe another sale or loan like Moses, Atsu, Etoo and co!
  7. Gosh, how many midfielders do Chelsea need? We need to buy more strikers and get rid of the crappy ones we have aka Torres and Ba.
  8. Ancelloti, drogs left cos Torres wanted to be the no1 striker. Didnt want to play second fiddle. Hence he pulled a strop after the CL final. Lukuku but to name a few.
  9. If you read the whole interview, you will realise that he meant his ex and not Mou. Like Drogba and Eden he is french soeaking. Lost in translation methinks. This is more like a trolling reporter who sees a story bout Mou being more juicy yhan Etoos ex.
  10. Of course he will be. He aint going no where
  11. It was a strikers foul. Yet Didier's last kick for for the club was to win the CL. Who knows, Eto'o might win us the CL next season so lets lay off him.
  12. These age jokes are a tarred boring arent they?
  13. If you believe an ex than you must be extremely guillible. Theres a reason why she is an 'ex' you know
  14. Eto'o is no way a poor player. Please stop trying to justify Torres sorry performance over the years as a Chelsea player with Etoo who despite having played in the EPL for 6 months has still outscored him
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