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  1. https://www.thetimes.co.uk/article/8484d81c-cadf-11ec-b4b6-e30a321b8cd3 The sale of Chelsea has hit a serious obstacle over fears that Russian-born owner Roman Abramovich is attempting to renege on his promise to write off a £1.6 billion debt. It is understood that Chelsea told the government — as well as the rival bidding groups — last week that they want to restructure the way the club is being sold, which would include paying off the debt from Chelsea’s parent company Fordstam Ltd to a Jersey-based company Camberley International Investments, which appears to be li
  2. I feel that Ratcliff would be more like what Roman was for Chelsea meanwhile Boehly will evolve the club and the Bridge more profound with scouting, data analytics, commercial growth and matchday revenues which will develop the club alot more in the long term.
  3. Sounds good! Maybe as someone wrote on twitter .. Moneyball but with a big wallet
  4. The bolded is what makes me shout no. The others are politics and no matter what political position the new owners will have, people will be dissatisfied. Also, some political positions may be more compatible with clubs' values and working methods and we must assume that the club acts accordingly in the choice of new owners. You could stretch the argument that Roman sells steel used to make tanks and indirectly supports the war in Ukarina. It's a bigger moral drama for me than what political opinion a billionaire has. I understand if you personally have a hard time with Ricket
  5. I agree with you except for what i have been reading in about Boehly is That he would, for example, rather pay €250m for Haaland instead of €100m for Lukaku if the data and scouting all pointed at Haaland beeing the elite option. Now this argument is a stretch but the point is my view of Boehly is that he is not afraid of splashing the cash on the right player if the circumstances are right
  6. Joke of a lineup from Tuchel tbh. If we lose this its on him
  7. Im in Dubai atleast one week every year and never having jet lag or need to rest after the flight.. But im also drunk all the time there so it might not be comparable.
  8. Oh fk.. Ziyech and Mount. Im sad to say it but Mason is so impotent going forward.
  9. Nah sounds more like the club will fine him or something. No one is buying Lukaku for anything near what we payed. We are stuck with him
  10. Watch when Marina activates Kounde's buy out clause at the last minute before the window closes and leaves Sevilla without the opportunity to replace him. Would serve them right
  11. https://www.eurosport.co.uk/football/transfers/2020-2021/football-news-transfer-notebook-Chelsea-make-huge-offer-to-romelu-lukaku-harry-kane-waits-for-man-ci_sto8469099/story.shtml [Eurosport] Sources in Germany are suggesting Borussia Dortmund will refuse any offers for Haaland after Friday, no matter the figure Lol if this is some 4D chess from Marina..
  12. And his wages will be up towards 500-600k/w if not more when PSG and Real comes in.
  13. But why would we want Haaland if Lukaku is a terrible fit? They are really similar players in the way they are attacking and scoring goals.
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