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  1. Watch when Marina activates Kounde's buy out clause at the last minute before the window closes and leaves Sevilla without the opportunity to replace him. Would serve them right
  2. https://www.eurosport.co.uk/football/transfers/2020-2021/football-news-transfer-notebook-Chelsea-make-huge-offer-to-romelu-lukaku-harry-kane-waits-for-man-ci_sto8469099/story.shtml [Eurosport] Sources in Germany are suggesting Borussia Dortmund will refuse any offers for Haaland after Friday, no matter the figure Lol if this is some 4D chess from Marina..
  3. And his wages will be up towards 500-600k/w if not more when PSG and Real comes in.
  4. But why would we want Haaland if Lukaku is a terrible fit? They are really similar players in the way they are attacking and scoring goals.
  5. True. But that is only IF Haaland wants to come.
  6. We wont stand a chance to sign Haaland next year. Its just impossible when the likes of PSG, Barca and Real will be there. They can offer 400-800k in wages which we never would do or can do. Just look at Griezmann on 800k/week I guess we really tried for Haaland this summer but since he is impossible now and will be next summer then Lukaku is the next best option and they are kind of similar in their playing styles. Why would people even have Haaland if they talk down Lukakus abilities? They both excel going forward in spaces with their power and speed and can finish with both feets.
  7. I think alot of people are getting angry because it looks like we pick Lukaku instead of Haaland but maybe we never were close to or had a chance to sign Haaland at all. Yes, Lukaku is a downgrade from Haaland but if we never had a chance of getting Haaland this or even next year then Lukaku is the best option out there. He will bang in goals for fun under Tuchel and hopefully both Havertz and Werner keeps improving to fill in the goals when/if Lukaku doesnt. Lukaku Werner Havertz
  8. Agree. And we will never be able to utilize the talent in the squad if a progressive manager doesnt have the backing and time needed from the fans/board. Thats what i see different with Sarri compared to Lampard. With Sarri he created a "plattform" for us to develop from and to bring in new players that fits that specific "plattform" but as we know.. he never got the time. With Lampard i cant even see what he is trying to do nor anything to build from. Thats why i think he will get the sack because its not about him getting some results in the coming games because the real problem is t
  9. Yeah i think the same. I wrote about that a couple of weeks ago here on the forum. Would not mind him here
  10. Yeah thats what we doing if we replace Lamps with Sarri. We are bottomless at the moment
  11. Just let the axe fall now. Cant get much worse. I would even have Sarri instead of Lamps at the moment
  12. Im sorry, i know We are in the lead but jesus F*** this is the most boring Chelsea i have ever seen
  13. Lmao thinking the same every time i see Traore before i realize its only his hair..
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