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  1. The only source who has said 190k weekly wage is John Percy from Telegraph who is a Leicester mouthpiece. He is also the only person saying the fee is an initial 50m, with further installments and add-ons due. I'd like to see another source confirming the 190k figure.
  2. This man can probably fly with that wingspan
  3. Time to sell Kante to PSG for 80 mill
  4. Only pet peeve is that if we had signed him last year as planned, he could still be considered as homegrown. Now it's too late for that
  5. I'm really hoping Conte doesn't leave Inter, so I can keep alive my dream of swapping Emerson+cash for Skriniar. We already know Inter view him as expendable since Fabrizio & Di Marzio have said they're willing to include him in a swap for Ndombele
  6. "Chelsea are paying an initial £50 million, with further money believed to be due on installments." https://www.telegraph.co.uk/football/2020/08/21/chelsea-close-signing-ben-chilwell-leicester-city-50m-deal/
  7. Man United signing Sancho is like when we signed Hazard, except Sancho is younger than Hazard was at the time and arguably even better. Hope I get to look back at this post and be proven wrong
  8. https://twitter.com/jordifarre_fcb/status/896787080575111168 Sergi Roberto's entourage is apparently saying that Roberto is furious with Paulinho's signing. B2B midfielder and can fill in at RB. Kill 2 birds with one stone, please sign him up
  9. If Matic goes for the reported £50m, I would look to add an additional 20m on top of that and go after Naby Keita. Younger, more dynamic, and we would screw over Liverpool. But my biggest priority is still left back. God forbid Alonso gets injured, that could potentially throw the entire season down the drain
  10. Another source saying 58m... [emoji16]
  11. Been browsing the Inter Milan forum (you know, the people who have actually watched him play) The consensus is that he was their best midfielder last year, the club has some tension with his agent since he wants higher wages, and the fans are bitching that they keep selling their bright young talents (like Coutinho & Kovacic) for money. This post pretty much sums the player up
  12. He's reliable for Juve stuff, and I believe he's hit or miss with other Italian teams Both times were to his left knee. The first time he was out for about a month and didn't get surgery, he only got it after the second time
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